How Does CTO Academy Compare With The Berkeley CTO Program?

Why would you choose a CTO Program? Historically and still commonly mistaken as a purely technical role, the chief technology officer (CTO) has come to play a crucial part in the c-suite ensemble by playing critical roles in business strategy, organizational structure, and culture. It makes sense since whole industries are becoming increasingly automated and … Read more

The CTO and The MBA … a history of coming together!

cto academy digital mba for technology leaders

[Since writing this article, we have launched “The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders” which aims to help tech leaders bridge that critical gap between the technology and the business]

“The MBA has attracted some mixed press in recent years …. so how relevant is it for the modern technology leader?

The traditional MBA emerged as the USA industrialised and a rapidly expanding economy grew thirsty for leaders and managers with a deeper breadth of knowledge about business.

And whilst a traditional MBA was historically of little interest to the Chief Technology Officer that changed as the world became ever more consumed by automation and tech leaders needed to start broadening their skill set from the technical to the commercial. 

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