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Scrum Master Training

What a CTO needs from their scrum master …

In my technology career, the movement from Waterfall (which should never have been adopted and is in the original paper ... Read more

From Senior Developer to Senior Tech Leader

Many of us have travelled the journey from junior developer to senior developer to tech leader. We know and understand ... Read more

The Established CTO

You might think the established CTO wouldn't need any support but the truth is that operating at a very senior ... Read more
career transition

Managing the career transition from techie to team lead

The CTO Academy community is not only growing and facilitating the career transition of thousands of tech leaders within the ... Read more
cto cio difference

The CTO CIO Difference: An in-depth look

Since launching CTO Academy, we’ve received the occasional enquiry from a CIO saying, “hey, what about us …. we want equal ... Read more

DevOps and Road To Tech Leadership

Whilst DevOps is a relatively new role it’s one that allows visibility across the whole operation, making it an excellent ... Read more
saying no

The Simple Guide To Saying No

“When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself” – Paolo Coelho Why, despite ... Read more

The Chief Information Officer – What’s the difference?

The modern and effective CIO needs to build a broad range of management and softer skills that go way beyond ... Read more

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