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Scrum Masters & Tech Leadership

If a Scrum Master has retained technical proficiency, moving into a role like QA director or development manager can be ... Read more

Meet the Team : Sanjay Mistry

Sanjay is an experienced CTO and leadership coach based in the UK but working with tech leaders around the world, particularly ... Read more
Management Challenges

5 Management Challenges For New Tech Leaders & Where Mentoring Helps

“as a new CTO I struggled with the jump from dev to management, especially at a time of growth and ... Read more

Meet the Team : Zoe Fragou

Zoe hails from Greece and is an Organizational Psychologist and Executive Level Leadership Coach. She works with companies to transform ... Read more

Meet The Team : Richard Weaver

Richard is a recruitment professional with 20+ years industry expertise having delivered large technology and business transformation programme teams. He ... Read more

Meet The Team : Jason Noble

Tech entrepreneur with extensive board level IT innovation and computer science experience. Has been technical director of software businesses and ... Read more

Why Leadership Coaching Matters To Me

“Coaching isn’t therapy – it’s product development with you as the product” I started my career as many of us ... Read more

Meet The Team: Andrew Weaver, CEO and Co-Founder

Meet Andrew, our CEO. With 20+ years of executive level commercial experience in SME and early stage companies across multiple ... Read more

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