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how to become cto

How to become a CTO?

For most C-suite roles there is generally a linear relationship between the skills they develop through their career and the ... Read more

Importance of Management Skills to CTO Training

What should a CTO management training course look like? What management skills do you require to become a high value ... Read more
Realities about Start-ups Salaries

Some of the realities, About start up salaries

As a rock star developer, what are your career (remuneration) options? An above average salary at investment bank or hedge ... Read more
7 Secrets for Successfully how to Board Meetings of a CTOs role

8 Steps for CTOs to be effective in Board Meetings

Board meetings can be an intimidating environment for the novice or poorly prepared but, if managed well, they can provide ... Read more
What a CTO needs to consider, when choosing a technology stack

What a CTO needs to consider, When choosing a technology stack

When I was a developer, I always wanted to use the latest language and framework. I would accept the foibles ... Read more

Jump Off That Cliff, Then Start Assembling The Plane

If you’re new to the start up world or indeed, the wider world of entrepreneurship, then you can do worse ... Read more

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