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5 Ways An Organisation Can Fail Its Digital Transformation

We live in a dynamic era one in which a new trend today can become a way of life tomorrow.

Those who don’t adapt to these changes are at risk of falling significantly behind.

It can be worse for organisations because those who don’t adapt are at risk of perishing.

The Unwritten Laws of Engineering

One of my favourite business and engineering books is probably one you’ve never heard of – The Unwritten Laws of Engineering by W.J. King.  Originally published in 1944 as three articles in Mechanical Engineering Magazine, the flagship publication of the American...

Build Yourself A Personal Firewall

It’s not only computer systems that need a firewall but anyone in a tech leadership position needs to build one for themselves.

What does a Startup CTO do anyway?

CTO jobs are pretty nebulous at best, what a CTO does is ill defined and never well understood, we’re lots of different things to lots of different people.