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Tech Leadership in So Many Words...#20 - Confidence - blog banner image

Tech Leadership in So Many Words…#20 Confidence

I’ve been asked to write a short piece on the impact of confidence in leadership. 1st, how do I keep […]
Building a Chief Technology Office on Different Business Scales - blog banner image

Building an Effective Chief Technology Office on Different Business Scales

It is now common for a team leader or project manager to find themselves placed in the CTO’s shoes at […]
CTO Salary Range Comparative Analysis - blog banner image

CTO Salary Range in the US and UK: A Comparative Analysis

In this blog post, we explore the CTO salary range; separately for the United States and the United Kingdom. We […]
Tech Leadership In So Many Words...#19 No (How to say 'No')

Tech Leadership in So Many Words…#19 No

My biggest flaw as an entrepreneur was a lack of judgment about when to say yes (a natural inclination) and […]
CTO vs CPO blog banner image

CTO vs CPO: Differences, Friction and Transformative Collaboration

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and Chief Product Officers (CPOs) are at the heart of most growing companies. Two distinct but […]
CTO Responsibilities in Start-Up and Fast-Growth Companies - blog banner image

CTO Responsibilities in Start-Ups and Fast-Growth Businesses

CTO responsibilities stem from their pivotal role in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Chief Technology Officers, as the top executives, […]
Interim CTO responsibilities, onboarding process, power transfer - blog banner image

Interim CTO: Responsibilities, Onboarding and Power Transfer Process

An Interim CTO is a temporary executive responsible for overseeing and guiding the company’s technology strategy and operations during a […]
Practical Solutions to the Challenges of a Remote CTO Role - banner image

Practical Solutions to Common Challenges of a Remote CTO Position

In this article, we are a) examining the most critical challenges of the Remote CTO role and, more importantly, b) […]

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