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Time To Let It Go …

So here is the scenario … I’m running as fast as I can alongside my 5 year old son’s bike, ... Read more

Accidental CTO, Reflections on Before and Since

I have tried to detail in this blog specific changes in my role as I took on this new status ... Read more
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No-One Ever Told Me …. It Gets Lonely At The Top

What is your expectation of an effective leader? Confident. Knowledgeable. Charismatic. Good Orator. Natural Leader. Inspiring. Expert. But in addition, ... Read more

Forget Tech Change, It’s Culture Change That Matters Now

Managing change has always been at the core of a technology leader's job description but whereas 10-15 years ago the ... Read more

Build Yourself A Personal Firewall

It’s not only computer systems that need a firewall but anyone in a tech leadership position needs to build one ... Read more

Diary of an Accidental CTO: The Art of Context Switching

As a CTO there's multiple projects to juggle with on a day-to-day basis so you need to master the art ... Read more

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