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10 Black Friday (& Cyber Monday) Tips For The CTO

If you are involved in online retail whether B2C or B2B then there are certain times of the year when ... Read more

Meet The Team : Dave Jones

Dave brings extensive experience in CTO/CIO roles to the CTO Academy coaching team which includes leading Engineering departments of over ... Read more

Webinar: The Future of Work & Tech Leadership

This Weds (11th November 2020) we launch the first of what we hope will be a series of live webinar ... Read more

Think Twice, Before Re-Inventing The Tech Wheel

Here is a scenario familiar to many us, from engineer to CTO. A shiny new and exciting concept has emerged. ... Read more

Diary of an Accidental CTO: Leadership Mistakes

Mostafa Khattab is CTO at Wakecap Technologies in Dubai. He is sharing with us some of his journey of what we describe ... Read more

Nurture Your Future Leaders, Ahead Of Schedule

“There is so much fascination with technology innovation, but so much fear when it comes to management innovation. There are ... Read more


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