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What Makes a Good CTO: Essential Qualities for Technology Leaders

In this blog post, you will learn what makes a good CTO from the perspective of experienced and successful technology leaders and their CEOs.

4 Ways Chief Technology Officers Get into a Board of Directors

While it is less common for Chief technology officers (CTOs) to directly join a board of directors, there are still several ways they can attain such positions. Starting with the most common and progressing to rarer methods, here are a few most common ways CTOs get seats on boards. 1. Internal Promotion to a Board […]

Part-Time CTO in Today’s Business Landscape: Role & Expectations

A part-time CTO is a technology expert who works on a part-time or consulting basis for a company. The aim is to develop and implement the company's technology strategy and oversee all aspects of its technology operations and product development.

Role of a Chief Technology Officer in Different Business Sizes

Generally speaking, the role of a chief technology officer involves strategic management and execution of technology initiatives within an organization. It is, therefore, pivotal in shaping and implementing the technology roadmap while aligning it with the company’s overall goals and vision. What enables tech leaders to drive innovation, oversee development and infrastructure, ensure data security […]

Tech Leadership In So Many Words … #16 Health

Keep an eye on your health by learning the art of marginal gains

11 Things a CTO Should Never Say to a CEO

The CEO:CTO relationship is often pivotal to an organisation but is not without its challenges and that’s often down to the very different personalities who can typically fill each role. So we had some fun this week when asking our community of global tech leaders for suggestions about what you should avoid saying to the […]

Tech Leadership In So Many Words… #15 Humility

“Life is a long lesson in humility” J M Barrie Having reached a senior tech leadership role, you have the right to feel a sense of pride in your achievements. But leadership requires many things from you, not least a quality that’s the opposite of pride – humility. Humility requires you to leave your ego […]

What is the Future of Leadership in the Technology Sector?

Unprecedented advances and transformative trends are reshaping leadership in technology sector. As the rapid pace of technological innovation continues, the tech industry faces unique challenges and opportunities. The intersection of artificial intelligence, automation and data-driven insights demands visionaries who can effectively navigate this complex landscape.

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