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Meet the Team: Owen Evans

Owen is based in New Zealand and has been a tech leader for more than a decade and for 6 ... Read more

Meet the Team : Jim Mortensen

Jim is a highly experienced tech leader with extensive business achievements over a wide range of domains and particular expertise ... Read more
CTO Academy Hiring

Effective Hiring for Technical Talent

To be successful as a technical leader you need an exceptional technical team but the good news as a leader, ... Read more

One Afternoon With The School of Code

CTO Academy collaborated with The School of Code for a presentation on a career in tech and leadership development
Leadership Venn Diagram - CTO Academy

Diary of An Accidental CTO: Team Member to Team Leader

Suddenly as I stepped into a tech leadership role i was facing unknowns where my decisions would impact directly on ... Read more

Managing The Negative Team Member

Managing a negative team member is never easy so this article looks at how it can be handled.
Tips To Develop Listening Skills - CTO Academy

Active Listening When Managing A Team

Active listening is very different to hearing and it is what differentiates an effective leader from an average manager.
Working on a Laptop - CTO Academy

Top 10 things to look at to get remote working, working.

A lot of us have spent 2020 adapting to the new normal and a lot of us have found remote ... Read more

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