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9 Reasons Why Great Engineers, Can Become Terrible CTOs

When founders and CEOs are building a fast growth business the search for talent is endless and critical. As most ... Read more

Guide To Communicating With Non-Technical Customers

Some combinations just don’t work …. Mango and Peanut Butter; AOL and Time Warner; And historically, technologists and customers. But ... Read more

Diary of an Accidental CTO, Part 2

Mostafa Khattab is CTO at Wakecap Technologies in Dubai. He has agreed to share his thoughts with CTO Academy about his experience ... Read more

Diary of an Accidental CTO: A Definition

Mostafa Khattab is CTO at Wakecap Technologies in Dubai. He has kindly agreed to blog for CTO Academy about his ... Read more

What Tech Leaders, Want To Ask Other Tech Leaders

It was early April 2020, we were marooned in our respective homes.Everyone was going through their own lockdown experiences (and ... Read more

Leadership Lesson 1 : Find Your Purpose

“You will earn the respect of all men, if you begin by earning the respect of yourself” Musonia Rufus To ... Read more


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