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We don't just talk tech leadership, we explore the mindset of leadership, the future of leadership and occasional bits of news about us ...
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4 Reasons You Won’t Get That CTO Job …

What will stop you getting that dream CTO job? Our Head of Careers has some ideas ...
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What is the average CTO salary in India?

India is an economic powerhouse and the CTO is at the heart of their growth. But what is the average […]
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10 Steps for CTO`s to Improve Their Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are vital in any leadership role, but when you’re leading the technology arm of a business it […]
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7 Steps to Become an Effective CTO

1. Define your vision for your future by setting goals When it comes to setting goals, many people fall victim […]
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5 Ways An Organisation Can Fail Its Digital Transformation

We live in a dynamic era one in which a new trend today can become a way of life tomorrow. […]
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Time To Let It Go …

So here is the scenario … I’m running as fast as I can alongside my 5 year old son’s bike, […]

Accidental CTO, Reflections on Before and Since

I have tried to detail in this blog specific changes in my role as I took on this new status […]
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No-One Ever Told Me …. It Gets Lonely At The Top

What is your expectation of an effective leader? Confident. Knowledgeable. Charismatic. Good Orator. Natural Leader. Inspiring. Expert. But in addition, […]

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