9 Reasons Why Great Engineers, Can Become Terrible CTOs

When founders and CEOs are building a fast growth business the search for talent is endless and critical.
As most companies are tech companies these days it stands to reason that the search for tech talent and those with leadership skills is particularly challenging.
One of the main challenges for the technologists career path is that they’re having to learn a completely different skill set when they move into a leadership role, they’re having to shift from technical skills to more general business skills.

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Professional Growth : Why It Pays To Be Intentional

What is Professional Growth? The definition of professional growth will be different things for different people but it certainly means more than certificates on the wall. Performance Expert Bill Eckstrom “it’s the development or better use of talents and skills that lead to improved outcomes. This development can take place in many different places – … Read more

Tech Leaders and the tussle of Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

With perhaps the odd and memorable exception, most of the people who land at CTO Academy get the difference between hard skills and soft skills. The career development challenge is that they have bags of the former, but can struggle with the latter. Get them down the pub and they can discuss for hours the … Read more

Non Traditional Route to CTO

As most companies are now technical companies roles like the CMO can sometimes have a bigger tech budget than the CTO and it’s more possible than before to achieve senior tech roles via non traditional routes, though it’s highly unusual.

What is the Average CTO Salary in the UK?

Pounds Sterling, CTO Salary

In a world driven by rapid technical change and digital transformation, businesses will obtain a competitive advantage based on the quality of the technology leadership in their organisation. The very best tech leaders are in demand but what is the average CTO salary in the UK and what does average CTO salary actually represent? Historically … Read more

What is a CTO?

What is a CTO? What you need to know

What does a CTO do? Not always an easy question to answer because it’s a leadership role with many variables, business goals, corporate strategy, team members, technical vision, enterprise systems and related tasks.  You’ll also find it difficult to find a common CTO job description, particularly with a tech startup where the company and role … Read more

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