Early Stage CTOs … Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

Accidental CTOs Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

What happens when the founders and early team hires who launched a company, suddenly find themselves with investor money in their pocket and a rocket ship on their hands?

Sometimes it’s a successful formula and they can grow alongside the demands of fast growth but often, without the right support and guidance, it can be a recipe for operational chaos and value disintegration.

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WFH, LFH and the E-learning Revolution

Alongside the established heavyweight acronyms of LOL, GWS and GSOH arrives the definitive acronym of our time. Prior to Covid-19, WFH occupied a niche space in the acronym world … World Federation of Healing Wartime Flying Hours Wages For Housework Weep For Humanity (which might be pushing hard for top dog WFH status) … but … Read more

Tech Leaders and the tussle of Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

With perhaps the odd and memorable exception, most of the people who land at CTO Academy get the difference between hard skills and soft skills. The career development challenge is that they have bags of the former, but can struggle with the latter. Get them down the pub and they can discuss for hours the … Read more

5 Management Challenges For New Tech Leaders & Where Mentoring Helps

Management Challenges

“as a new CTO I struggled with the jump from dev to management, especially at a time of growth and change at my company. It wasn’t always clear what that change needed to look like” These comments from one of our mentees is not untypical of the challenges faced, particularly by newly appointed CTOs and … Read more

Good Diet, Great Leadership

good diet, great leadership

Friday afternoon and we conducted a less than rigorous survey amongst the CTO Academy tribe in an effort to decipher the mysterious relationship between healthy eating habits and great leadership, loosely titled, “Wot’s your work diet?’ Before you quasi-academics dig deep into our findings, some advance caveats; It was a very small sample size that … Read more

How to avoid burnout in your tech team (and in you)


Moving into a new company or new role with an established team can be a challenge. Amplify that challenge if you’re taking over from a popular predecessor. How do you start building trust and managing the star performer(s)? You’re inheriting a team, potentially hand picked and who’ve long since been through the forming, storming, norming, … Read more

What a CTO needs from their scrum master …

Scrum Master Training

In my technology career, the movement from Waterfall (which should never have been adopted and is in the original paper as not being suitable for most software development) to Agile development of either Kanban or Scrum are the main processes adopted. Bags of time and effort has been spent on which method is better. It … Read more

The CTO CIO Difference: An in-depth look

cto cio difference

Since launching CTO Academy, we’ve received the occasional enquiry from a CIO saying, “hey, what about us …. we want equal rights”or, words to that effect.

So we thought it a useful moment,  particularly as we have a growing number of CIO subscribers, to look into some of the differences between the CTO and CIO roles.

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