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“Compact courses with lots of useful information and tests that made me pay attention to every word. I continue to use CTO Academy as part of my ongoing learning”

Ratko Petrovic, Software Programme Manager




We see a real skills gap between developers and what’s required for senior management. CTO Academy is what’s required to help bridge that gap  

Will Excell

Tiro Partners, Technology Recuiters

 Training modules are high value resources, providing broad-based business skills essential for success in the modern workplace  

Eli Oshorov

Content Man, Shearwater Solutions, Australia

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The CTO Academy course material is aimed at those wishing to achieve and excel in senior tech roles. We cover a range of the management and softer skills required including, leadership, tech management, personal development, finance, funding, HR, operations, tech management and wider commercial topics. We also look at the unique challenges faced by tech leaders working in early stage and fast growth companies.

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