Commercial Topics

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6 Modules


21 Lectures


1 Assessment Test


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What Is Covered

What are the commercial elements driving a business and where does it crossover with the tech leadership tasks? We cover everything from sales & marketing to partnerships, strategy and exit planning. Also a section for start ups and fast growth companies.

Tech leaders can no longer operate in a silo. They need to understand how the wider business operates and what commercial issues drive product and success.


Strategy is not planning and it’s not operations. It’s an agreed framework and vision that aims to define your direction of travel and how you plan to deliver value.

Learn To Love Sales & Marketing

There was a day when CTO and CMO barely spoke with each other. Now the CMO might have the biggest tech budget and the CTO needs to be close to the customer.

Role Of Partnerships

Most successful companies have partnerships as a bedrock of their success. Commercial, strategic and academic partnerships can deliver but, they need careful analysis, building and managing.

Building To Sell

No matter what stage of your business life cycle, you should always be preparing for sale. It’s a good habit to have through each phase of growth and scale.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of how other areas of the business work and interact. Specifically you will understand:

  • How marketing is a highly analytical function
  • Sales and the importance of keeping customers
  • Understanding legal requirements for businesses and high level employees
  • How to form with academic and commercial partnerships
  • Overview of strategy and the difference to operations
  • Setting up for sale and selling a company


5 Lectures
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Working with CMO
  • Marketing Rinse & Repeat
  • The Funnel Principle
  • Social Media

Sales & Customers

4 Lectures
  • Why Customer Support Matters
  • What Makes An Effective CS Team
  • Introduction to Selling
  • Selling And The Importance of Trust

Compliance & Legals

5 Lectures
  • Introduction to Business Law
  • Compliance: Business Pt 1
  • Compliance: Business Pt 2
  • Corruption & Bribery
  • Whistleblowing


2 Lectures
  • Commercial Partnerships
  • Academic Partnerships


2 Lectures
  • What is Strategy?
  • Planning An Exit Strategy

Company Sales

3 Lectures
  • How To Build a Business for Exit
  • How To Build Value In Your Business
  • Considerations On Business Valuations