Finance & Funding

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7 Lectures


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What Is Covered

The perfect course for you to understand more about the working of finance, fund raising and the wider cashflow side of the business. Important to understand more about these factors as you start to inherit ever greater budget responsibilities.

Finance and numbers can be a blur for most of us in tech. These lectures break down the fundamentals. From understanding the difference between CAPEX and OPEX to dealing with investors, our lecturers box off the must know finance issues.

Introduction To Accounting & Expenses

Know the difference between CAPEX and OPEX? Not everyone does so, we walk you through this and much more.

Sources Of Funding

When, how and where do you raise money? This course will cover everything from grant funding to investor presentations to crowdfunding.

Forecasting & Budgeting

How to build forecasts, manage budgets and understand the key issues you will need to address when leading a team.

Relationship With The CFO

Future lectures to include analysis of working with other senior management, including the CFO. Understanding their pressures and demands.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of finances related to CTOs. Specifically you will understand:

  • Working with Budgets
  • Different Types of Funding
  • Expenses
  • Crowd Funding


3 Lectures
  • Introduction to Budgeting
  • Podcast: Beyond Introduction to Budgeting
  • Forecasting


1 Lecture
  • Different Types of Expenditure


3 Lectures
  • Grant Funding Pt 1
  • Grant Funding Pt 2
  • 10 Steps to Crowdfunding Success