HR For IT Managers

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5 Lectures


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What Is Covered

“techies don’t do HR” … might be the old refrain, but no longer. If you plan to manage, you need to understand the rules, expectations and best practice.

Introductory knowledge of HR is critical, for anyone with ambitions for senior roles. The challenge to find and keep talented people is significant in today’s market and how you hire, incentivise, retain and occasionally fire members of your team, needs an understanding of process, as well as people.

Understanding Employment Procedures

Companies that suffer at the hands of the employment tribunal are more undone by lack of process, than any management decisions themselves.

Great Recruitment, Strong Hires

Finding great people is tough and the recruitment process requires a mixture of marketing, reward and determination to not compromise in finding the right person.

How To Retain & Reward

If you’ve managed to attract a star, the next challenge will be trying to keep them. We look at best practice and beyond, when you need to retain and reward the best.

Creating Great Culture

Building culture is more than just a couple of ping pong tables. How do you build culture in a new or emerging team? What tricks and triggers are required to help people really enjoy their working environment?

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of how to start to build at team and how to hire them responsibly. Specifically you will understand:

  • Good Hiring Practices
  • Managing Contractors
  • Managing Remote Works
  • What To Do When People Leave


2 Lectures
  • Managing Contractors
  • Managing Remote Freelancers


3 Lectures
  • Behind The Hiring Process
  • Good Hiring Reduces Bad Hires
  • People Leaving The Company