Technology Management

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2 Modules


15 Lectures


1 Assessment Test


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What Is Covered

This course gets under the bonnet of the why, how and where senior leaders handle those business critical issues around technology management.

You might be exceptional with technology, but how about the management of that technology? Within these lectures we delve deep into issues as varied as source control to the art of timing and how to deal with hazards. We provide you with a detailed understanding of what should and shouldn’t be crossing your radar.

Data : Source, Quality, Security

We look at data from different angles and through the eyes of a tech leader. What really matters? Where are the key risks? How do you mitigate?

Choosing Technology

What are the specific considerations when choosing technology. We look at timing, hazards and safe versus innovation?

Software Architecture

We dive into a series of lectures covering multiple angles of consideration when it comes to software architecture.

Data & Integration

From source control to API integration to data quality and sources. These in-depth lectures cover a wide range of crucial topics.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of why and how we use the systems and processes that we do. Specifically you will understand:

  • Systems and processes to make technology development simpler
  • All aspects of the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Choosing what is best not what you know
  • Architecting correctly

The Crucial Stuff

7 Lectures
  • Source Control
  • Continuous Integration
  • API Integration
  • Data Quality & Sources
  • Data Analytics
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance

Choosing the Technology

8 Lectures
  • Choosing the Technology
  • The Art of Timing
  • Dealing with Hazards
  • Platforms and Technologies
  • Security and Data Privacy
  • Software Architecture – Part 1
  • Software Architecture – Part 2
  • Software Architecture – Part 3