How Do CTO Academy Courses Compare With Berkeley Programs?

Quite often during the course of a discussion with tech leaders around the world, we find ourselves being compared with courses such as the Berkeley CTO program. We thought it useful therefore to create an overview of where we see the key differences.

The aim here is to provide a comparison that enables you to judge the best option at this stage of your career.


Obviously, we can't compete or compare with the prestige that Berkeley can offer as an institution it has existed since 1868 and has a hugely impressive roll call of achievement and learned contributors.

We would never say anything less it's a fantastic institution.

But we do compete in a range of areas:

  1. Most of our lecturers continue to work in senior tech and business roles, bringing coalface experience to the lectures and supporting material, case studies, frameworks etc.
  2. Our high-impact, micro-content is focused on providing tech leaders with a learning program that fits alongside busy working schedules and can be immediately applied to day-to-day operational
  3. The price of the course is significantly different. Berkeley charges $29,000 (plus costs) for its full CTO Program, whilst the online version is $7,500. With CTO Academy, you can join our foundation course for $199 and our executive-level course for $2,250.

At CTO Academy we are 100 per cent online and alongside the course material we provide slack groups, online forums, group and private coaching, tailored to any level of role and focused on driving individuals to the next stage of their careers.

The Berkeley CTO Program is an impressive presence in the executive education market for technology leaders.

CTO Academy provides an alternative option.

CTO Academy

From $2,250

Management Skills Courses for Tech Leaders



  Technology Management

  HR for IT Professionals

  Finance and Funding


  Personal Development

  Start-Ups and Fast Growth

  Mindset and Wellness

  Learn At Your Own Pace

Private & Group Coaching

 Global Coaching Network

Hand Picked Coaches

High Impact Sessions

 Peer2Peer Support

Monthly Group Sessions

Learning Best Practice


From $29,000

Executive Program for IT Professionals

 Data and the Organization

 AI and Machine Learning

 Transformation: Tech Infrastructure

 Managing People & Change  

 Tech Policy, Privacy and Security


5 Month Course / 15 Days on Campus

Comparable CTO Training and Career Options

Whilst our focus is on building the managerial skills and career prospects of IT professionals, these are alternative avenues for tech training;

  • Pluralsight: High volume, online video courses focused on helping developers build their technical skills.
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): Linkedin Learning, Udemy, Coursera. Some management courses but limited coverage of tech management. 
  • Localised Courses and Meet Ups: More localised networking, mentoring and support organisations.

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