Chief Technology Officer Salary

What Is A Typical CTO Salary?

Difficult question to answer because individual packages are wrapped up in many different ways.

From straight salary, to mixture of salary and equity. Then you have start up and early stage companies where it’s often a case of grafting today, for jam tomorrow.

Key for any negotiation is to understand your own value, what the market is paying and what the potential might be with the organisation you’re looking to join.

CTO Salary

Review of Global CTO Salaries

Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor and Payscale provide detailed analysis on rewards, remuneration and culture of different companies.

We’ve aggregated global data into a search tool that shows you the average salaries in major tech cities of the world.

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CTO Salary Research

What does a CTO or other tech leader get paid?

We have collected data from around the world to create a tech salary calculator about who gets paid what and where.

Please note that this can only be a guide because many senior remuneration packages will include stock options and other perks, particularly with early stage and tech companies. The incentive is often about jam tomorrow, rather than salary today.

But our aggregation of salaries starts to paint a picture and we hope it helps.

Your own personal value in the market is shaped by the impact you can make.  CTO Academy provide courses, mentoring and recruitment services that help enhance your leadership skill set and get the career you want. You can book a free coaching session to find out more.

CTO Salary Factors

Start Up / Fast Growth

Quick Rise, Reward In Stock

Quickest route to becoming a CTO start you own company or be an early hire. The learning curve is enormous, alas the salary might not be as you’re likely to be rewarded via a combination of below market rate salary and equity. A real stake in the success of the business might be vested over time, just make sure it delivers sufficient reward for the risk and time.

Established Business

Security, Clear Career Path

More established the business, more secure (in theory) the income and working environment. You also get those corporate perks. We help mentees around the world to build a career road map that helps to accelerate them to the right roles and rewards. How to build a personal brand and navigate corporate politics, is as crucial as any technical skill.

Quality of Life

Knowing Yourself

All of this is predicated by an understanding of what you need in your life. Do you know yourself sufficiently well to understand what you need to find the perfect work:life balance? Does risk scare you? Do you like the thought of being part of an early stage company? Do you know which will suit the lifestyle you want?

Boost Your Income, Build Your Skills


Moving From Technical To Managerial

Any senior role requires a shift of skill set so whatever your specific motivation, build up the managerial as well as the technical skills


Build Those Communication Skills

Progress within a company and/or a career is often about people, about understanding and communicating with people


Move From Out From Behind The Keyboard

Senior management and higher salary expectations mean you need to get out more, at least out from behind the keyboard


Consider A Mentor

Mentoring can be a very powerful 121 tool for building up your management skills and confidence. Find someone who has been through that journey, work with them on yours

Transform Your Career & Income

Our mission is simple.

To arm you with the leadership skills required to achieve the career and lifestyle you want.

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