The CTO Leadership Foundation Course

CTO Academy provide you with an introductory course to the changes required when moving towards senior technology roles. 

There are 9 modules with >100 micro lectures that enable you to understand more about the role, responsibilities and mindset shift required to become a technology leader.

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What You Receive

11 hours of expert led course material100 individual lectures, podcasts and webinarsFurther reading material with every lectureAll future lectures delivered at no extra costPersonalised learning dashboardTests with each module that reinforces learningCTO Academy Certification (see sample)Lifetime membership of CTO Academy7 Day Money Back Guarantee

What We Explore

How to think like a technology leaderUnderstanding the transition from technical to commercialCommunicating with different stakeholdersTeam building, dynamics and delegationTech management and operationsWorking with cross functional teamsPersonal development and mindset

Who The Course Is For

Heads of DepartmentIT ManagersTech Co-FoundersHigh Potential Future Tech LeadersSwitching to Tech Leadership Roles

Certificate on Completion


What Others Say ....

Resources perfectly designed for conquering leadership challenges and smooth career progression. If you’re aiming to operate at a senior level they provide a clear path to learn the skills you need
Digital Defynd
Review of global CTO programs
Modules are high value resource, providing broad-based business skills essential for success in the modern workplace. Highly recommend to anyone with career aspirations to become senior tech leader.
Vyom Upadhya
CTO/COO, Florida, USA

Course Requirements

Ambition to move into senior tech leadership rolesMotivation to increase the value of your personal brandDesire to turbo charge your earnings potentialConstant thirst for learning and self improvementThat’s about it …

Course Modules

Technology Management
The Crucial Stuff
  • Source Control
  • Continuous Integration
  • API Integration
  • Data Quality & Sources
  • Data Analytics
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance
Choosing the Technology
  • Choosing the Technology
  • The Art of Timing
  • Dealing with Hazards
  • Platforms and Technologies
  • Security and Data Privacy
  • Software Architecture – Part 1
  • Software Architecture – Part 2
  • Software Architecture – Part 3
  • Introduction to Testing
  • Types of Test
  • The Process
  • Issues
  • Incident, Problem and Change Management
Systems & Processes
  • Introduction to Systems and Processes
  • Systems & Processes
  • What Systems?
  • Agile Processes
  • Code Processes
Objective Key Results (OKRs)
  • Introduction to OKRs
  • Implementing OKRs
  • Introduction to team metrics & KPIs
Leadership and Management
Being a CTO
  • What is a CTO?
  • Important CTO Goals
  • Day in the Life of a CTO
  • What’s on a CTO’s radar?
  • Economics And Budgets
  • Podcast: What does a CTO do?
Leading Teams
  • Team Dynamics
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Fundamentals of Team Building
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Managing Negative Team Members
  • Perception of Quality
  • Defining Tech Leadership
  • Corporate Politics Pt 1
  • Corporate Politics Pt 2
Marketing Topics
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Working with CMO
  • Marketing Rinse & Repeat
  • The Funnel Principle
  • Social Media
Sales & Customers
  • Why Customer Support Matters
  • What Makes An Effective CS Team
  • Introduction to Selling
  • Selling And The Importance of Trust
Compliance & Legals
  • Introduction to Business Law
  • Compliance: Business Pt 1
  • Compliance: Business Pt 2
  • Corruption & Bribery
  • Whistleblowing
  • Commercial Partnerships
  • Academic Partnerships
  • What is Strategy?
  • Planning An Exit Strategy
Company Sales
  • How To Build a Business for Exit
  • How To Build Value In Your Business
  • Considerations On Business Valuations
HR For IT Managers
  • Managing Contractors
  • Managing Remote Freelancers
  • Behind The Hiring Process
  • Good Hiring Reduces Bad Hires
  • People Leaving The Company
Personal Development
Personal Branding
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Freelance Opportunities
  • Improve Your Linkedin Profile
  • Become a Thought Leader
  • Blog Writing For Tech Leaders
  • Goal Setting
Board Level
  • Attending Board Meetings
  • Managing the CEO
  • Board Relationships
  • Corporate Boards and the CTO Role
Negotiation Skills
  • An Introduction to Negotiation
  • Learning How to Say No
  • Presenting to Non-Technical Customers
  • Handling Interviews
Finance & Funding
  • Introduction to Budgeting
  • Podcast: Beyond Introduction to Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Different Types of Expenditure
  • Grant Funding Pt 1
  • Grant Funding Pt 2
  • 10 Steps to Crowdfunding Success
Mindset & Wellness


  • Welcome to Mindset & Wellness: Managing With Compassion
  • Chief Mindset Officer
  • Fixed vs Growth
  • Know Yourself
  • Know, Like, Trust
  • Empathy in Leadership


  • Creating A Positive Working Culture
  • Managing Burnout
Start Ups & Fast Growth


  • Dilution
  • Dealing With Investors
  • Introduction To Seed Capital

Risks & Rewards

  • Remuneration and Rewards
  • How to Work Well with Co-Founders

We Work With Tech Leaders In Companies Around The World


Founders / Lecturers

CTO with 20+ years of board level IT innovation and computer science experience. Technical director of several software businesses and managed complex enterprise projects with successful exits. Coaching tech leaders around the world.

Jason Noble
CTO, Lecturer and Coach
CEO with 25 years of executive level experience across multiple sectors. Leadership coach, personal mentor, Cranfield MBA and lead lecturer at UK based startup accelerator.
Andrew Weaver
CEO, Lecturer and Coach

What You Receive

11 hours of expert led course material105 lectures, podcasts and webinars (all subtitled)40 hours of additional reading materialUpdated for 2023Personalised learning dashboardTests with each module to reinforce learningCTO Academy CertificationLifetime Access to Course Material100% refund if joining our Digital MBA Course

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