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We provide coaching services to technology leaders around the world.

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“CTO Academy had a huge impact in my role as a CTO. Not only helping us through tough technical decisions and creating a hiring strategy, but making us understand how everything fits together”

Julie Otieno, Nairobi

Typical Profiles Of Those We Coach

Experienced Tech Leader aka ´Lonely At The Top´

Works in a large organisation and/or a well established role but can feel isolated, particularly if working with non-technical colleagues. Coaches provide insight but sometimes just an independent sounding board for clients to sense check.

Inexperienced Tech Leader aka ‘Accidental CTO’

Working within an early stage and fast growth company, they might have just fallen into the role of CTO. Now faced with the challenges that rapid growth bring and are sometimes outside their skill set with process, hiring, strategy.

Planning & Executing An Effective Career Roadmap

From the ambitious engineer to the restless CTO they want to accelerate their career and negotiate any blockages. We help with everything from career planning, CV improvements, personal branding and achieving specific roles. 

Benefits of Coaching with CTO Academy

“I get a real sense of achievement when some of my input is directly helping the pain go away for clients. Often it’s as simple as validation that what they’re doing is the right thing to do.

But the benefits of coaching go both ways because I’m working with such an amazing range of people, sectors and cultures, with so many different perspectives that it’s helping improve my own awareness, leadership and communication skills.  Each new assignment is making me a better coach and tech leader.

Working with CTO Academy is a bonus because of their professionalism and a firm commitment to ensuring each coaching relationship delivers the right fit and high value outcomes”

Sanjay Mistry, CTO Academy Coach, UK


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