The Art of Negotiation – How To Always Win:Win

Andrew Weaver
September 6, 2021

The Art of Negotiation and How to Always Win:Win aims to help you improve your negotiation skills and understand more about the compliance and persuasion tricks potentially used to manipulate you in the work environment

More specifically the masterclass will cover the following 4 key points;


While the common belief is that the biggest challenge a working person faces is balancing the personal with the professional life,  the truth is that all of a person’s angles are equally important: the social life, the spiritual development, the physical appearance.  This masterclass is developed to empower people, providing them with all the knowledge around negotiations that might be proven useful to daily life, helping them to set their boundaries when it comes to their needs and evolution.

Lesson 1

We will cover these topics:

  • What is a negotiation?
  • When are we negotiating?
  • Negotiation’s vocabulary with examples
  • Negotiation’s most important variables

Lesson 2

We will cover these topics:

  • What is a negotiation’s tactic
  • Most common and less common tactics
  • What is compliance?
  • Most popular compliance techniques with examples

Lesson 3

We will cover these topics:

  • How do we come to agreement when negotiating
  • Examples of all the roads that lead to agreement

Lesson 4

We will cover these topics:

  • Can a negotiation be ethical?
  • Should we be morally flexible when negotiating?
  • The Harvard approach on negotiations and their model ‘Getting to YES’
  • The basic principles to follow for a successful, ethical negotiation

This live and interactive masterclass will be hosted by Organisational Psychologist and global agile leadership coach Zoe Fragou on 16th June 2021, starting at 1430 (BST) and lasting approximately 2.5 hours.

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There will be a maximum of 20 technology leaders attending this masterclass. 

It will be live and dynamic with the opportunity to ask Zoe direct questions and live breakout sessions with other attendees to discuss and exchange ideas and insight about this business critical skill.

“Key Takeaways”

✅ Learn how to decode the dynamics on a negotiation’s field

✅ Recognize all the roads that lead to agreement and choose the ones that suit you more

✅ Understand why a win-win is what we should be always going for

✅ Realise the difference between the objective & subjective obstacles towards your goals

✅ Develop your negotiation’s strategy and use contextual factors to influence the outcome 


CTO Academy focus on helping tech leaders around the world to build their leadership skills and become as effective as possible within their organisations.

But we also believe in building an individual’s skill set across wider life perspectives such as social, spiritual and psychological.

This masterclass is therefore developed to not only empower you to become more effective in the working environment, but also provide the knowledge around negotiations that will be useful for you in wider daily life, helping you set the boundaries when it comes to their needs and evolution.

Why do some people always have it their way, while others struggle? This masterclass is going not only to clarify the boundaries of assertiveness and manipulation, but also teach you  how to recognize all grey areas in between. Moreover, it will provide you with useful, hands-on tools that will help you manage all your future negotiations, while investing in creating long-term, healthy relationships. 


Zoe is an Organizational Psychologist with an MSc in Human Resources Management, a clinical psychologist license, a diploma in Business Coaching & Mentorship and a Certificate in Agile Leadership. At the moment, she is a PHD Candidate at Panteion University and her research is focused on the psychometry of the corporate culture. Alongside her academic interests, she is operating professionally in the full spectrum of her science for both private and corporate clients globally, taking over projects of culture transformation, employee training and development, business coaching, personal branding, public speaking, and writing. She is the HR Director of Horizon Travel and a senior member of the Hellenic Institute of Coaching.

You can find out more:

Zoe’s most recent article on negotiations:

PS – Limited Places because …

CTO Academy masterclasses are limited to 20 attendees because we encourage interaction and knowledge sharing. We don’t deliver passive events so be prepared to get involved and share your insight with the crowd. 

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