In Person Mentoring

CTO Academy mentors play a range of important roles. From career development to strategic planning and micro-mentoring you through immediate operational issues.  Our global network of mentor experts are available for traditional long term relationships or immediate short term issues. They understand the challenges you face and that it’s often lonely at the top.

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We work with tech leaders and managers around the world, helping match them with the best mentee:mentor fit.  Our online service provides you with flexibility and geographic reach, with a global network of mentors available at short notice to assist and guide. You can book appointments direct with a particular mentor or ask our team to assist. We’re adding high quality mentors all the time so no matter your request, we’re confident we can find the right mentor for you.

Where We Help

Start Up / Fast Growth

Changing Skill Set

There are many challenges in managing early stage companies, not least the ever changing demands on your skill set. We regularly work with start up tech leaders (often introduced by investors) to help them negotiate their road map to scale

Established Business

Lonely At The Top

Being CTO at an established business is rarely less than challenging and can often feel like an isolated role. Whether you have specific issues to discuss or just want a confidential, objective sounding board, we have mentors who can help

Career Acceleration

High Impact Career Strategy

You know where you want to go but, you’re unsure how to get there. What does the road map look like? What skills do you need to succeed at the top level? How do you create an effective career strategy and negotiate the politics?

CTO Academy Mentoring Process


Free Discovery Session

Mentoring is about relationships. We want to understand where you are now, and where you want to be tomorrow.


Flexible & Convenient

We help you find the right mentor and then provide an online booking form to book sessions direct


Goal Based

Whether a long term relationship or short term injection of expertise, all mentors are goal focused on deliverables


Integrated Learning

Complement the mentoring by an upgrade to a full subscription and our range of management skills courses

Mentoring Use Cases

The Accidental CTO

Where the role is growing faster than your existing skill set. Perhaps a founder/early hire or senior developer rapidly promoted to CTO. Our mentors have been there and can help you negotiate the challenges ahead

Lonely At The Top

Good at what you do but with gaps in your skill set or company has no-one with a level of technical or managerial insight to bounce ideas with?  Mentors can help with new products, ideas or just as a sounding board.

External Validation

Am I up to date? Am I doing the right thing? No matter what level we reach doubts can creep in, aka the imposter syndrome and most of us suffer from it. A mentor can help validate what you are doing is right and is best practice.

 CTO Academy course has had a huge impact on my career as an early startup CTO.  They took it further in the 1-1 mentorship program, not only did they help us think through tough technical decisions and come up with a hiring strategy for our future growth and scale needs but also walked us through the evolution of each process and decision in a way that we got a sense of why things are done in a certain way and how everything fits together. I highly recommend the CTO Academy  

Julie Otieno

CTO, M-Shule, Kenya

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