Newsletter #111 : The Emotionally Intelligent Issue

Andrew Weaver
September 6, 2021
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The Emotionally Intelligent Issue
Welcome again to our 5-minute Tech Break newsletter and this week we’re going all emotionally intelligent on you, starting with another very cool video from Rumania as Bianca explains the key traits required to add EI to your leadership toolkit.Elsewhere we’ve curated some of our favourite content around this important subject plus, we’re about to connect the CTO Academy global community through the launch of our new and exclusive slack channels – see below.Nothing more to be said than for the football fan in me (and many of us) to prepare for quite a weekend with Brazil taking on Argentina and my own England entering their first mens final for 55 years against the mighty Italians.Good luck to all four teams but just in case anyone plans to contact me on Monday morning … a warning … my mood could be seriously affected by events taking place the night before!…………………………………………..As ever, take care of yourselves this weekend and get some rest!

 Embrace the 2-Way-Door Rule … Jeff Haden is a keynote speaker, ghostwriter, LinkedIn Influencer, contributing editor to Inc. and author.  This week we feature his intuitive article: 
Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the 2-Way-Door Rule to Make Better and Faster Decisions.  “Think about something major you want to do. If you’re like most people, you spend a lot more time thinking about potential downsides. What if you start a business and it fails?
What if you change careers and fall flat?
What if you relocate and desperately miss your old social circle?
Most of us focus on how much we will regret a decision — even if it’s something we really want to do — if it doesn’t work out. But when we look back, what we regret are the things we didn’t do: the business we didn’t start. The career we didn’t change. The move we didn’t make.We don’t usually regret the things we did, because even if we made a huge mistake, we can fix it. We regret the things we didn’t do. We regret the times we didn’t take a chance on ourselves.Because we tend to think every decision is a one-way-door decision.“. You can read the full article here.
  NEWS & VIEWS  Articles That Caught Our Eye This Week
 How To Boost Emotional Intelligence To Become A Better Leader … Another article looking at the issue and asking “What does it take to be a better leader?” When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion. — Dale CarnegieIn seeing that people skills could make all the difference, Carnegie effectively popularized in his books the idea of emotional intelligence, decades before it was established as a fact in academic psychology.More information about how to apply emotional intelligence in everyday life you can find in the famous bestseller: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.Are you aware of how your emotions affect your success in life?For sure, if you have good emotional intelligence and lower levels of general intelligence, you can still be a great leader. However, if you have lower levels of emotional intelligence and good general intelligence, you will struggle to be a good leader.How can we help ourselves with developing EI?Read: How To Boost Emotional Intelligence To Become A Better Leader


CTO’s guide to a modern tech stack …  The tech stack has evolved a lot for the modern startup.Hundreds of dev tools have completely changed how developers manage their workloads.Nitin Aggarwal evaluates this landscape very thoroughly at RunX … Cloud: GCP“You can’t go wrong with any of the 3 big clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP). All of them have the full feature set needed by a company of any scale. There are still a couple of factors that might affect the overall decision:– Regions: Not all cloud providers are available in all regions. For example GCP is not available in Africa. So if for some reason you want to be able to deploy your application in a particular region, make sure the provider you pick offers the full suite of their offerings in that region.
 – ML/AI: GCP has built a great set of offerings around ML. There are many CTOs who started with other clouds but have migrated partially or fully to GCP due to some of its ML capabilities.Read: A CTO’s guide to a modern tech stack


How Business Leaders Can Foster An Innovative Work Culture … Vadim Rogovskiy suggests if there’s one thing that sets a successful organization apart, it’s the ability to stay on the cusp of innovation and technology. Creating an innovation-friendly work environment was one of the top priorities on his entrepreneurial journey.With that realization came the understanding that he would need to face the challenges, as well as the chance that he might make some mistakes along the way. Failure is, after all, an important part of the process. The tactics he has used to create an innovation-friendly work environment have proven to be a productive ground for success. Now he is paying it forward and sharing the lessons he has learnt.What is an innovation-friendly work culture?An innovation-friendly culture is the kind of work environment that encourages its employees to embrace unorthodox thinking rather than discouraging them from it.To nurture an innovation-friendly culture means putting the status quo aside and challenging typicality to create something new. It means empowering your employees to provide value to your company in ways other than punching numbers and updating spreadsheets at a desk. Your employees will look to you for leadership and mentorship, so it’s important that you guide them on a more creative path and show them what a healthy and idea-centric work culture is.  On the contrary, strict management is the death of creativity.Many organizations have a crippling work culture where they penalize rather than reward boldness, while also failing to cultivate an environment that promotes creativity and innovation.Thus, they eliminate any chances of breakthrough ideas and promising success. Read: How Business Leaders Can Foster An Innovative Work Culture


Teams Need Emotionally Intelligent Technology Leaders  Now More Than  EverAnd a final article covering our main topic …Troy McAlpin, tech industry pioneer, is the CEO and co-founder of xMatters, focused on keeping the world’s digital services available.When the pandemic hit, the society went digital for the fulfillment of everyone’s needs so that we could shelter safely in place.Digital services became ubiquitous with shopping, eating out, gathering and so on.The technology foundation laid over the last 20 years enabled the fastest revolution in the consumption of goods and services in history.This rapid adoption of digital services, driven by pandemic-imposed stay-at-home orders, created a unique set of challenges for technology workers — those on the “digital front line” — with 88% of technology workers reporting that they’ve experienced an impact on their work-life balance.This reliance on digital services will continue even as businesses slowly transition back to reopening because over 80% of Americans also reported that they will continue their more frequent use of online services after the stay-at-home period.Read: Teams Need Emotionally Intelligent Technology Leaders  Now More Than  Ever.

BOOK OF THE WEEK  The Emotionally Intelligent Leader…  The Emotionally Intelligent Leader explores “What Makes a Leader?” Daniel Goleman’s research found that truly effective leaders are distinguished by high levels of self-awareness and sharp social skills. In “The Focused Leader,” Goleman explains neuroscience research that proves that “being focused” is more than filtering out distractions while concentrating on one thing. In “Leadership That Gets Results,” Goleman draws on research to outline six distinct leadership styles, each one springing from different components of emotional intelligence.Goleman first brought the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) to the forefront of business through his articles in Harvard Business Review, establishing EI as an indispensable trait for leaders. The Emotionally Intelligent Leader brings together three of Goleman’s bestselling HBR articles.“This book is a must-read. The author’s theory states that for leaders to adapt their style successfully, they must be able to tune in emotionally to their surroundings, and to themselves. This sensitive awareness to emotions termed ’emotional intelligence’, is introduced here, along with a description of the six leadership styles according to the concept of EI”. 

 VIDEO OF THE WEEK Daniel Goleman…Strategies To Become More Emotionally Intelligent
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