Newsletter #120 : Happy Holidays

August 3, 2022

And so … it’s time to shut the CTO Academy shop for a few days as we celebrate Christmas and prepare for an exciting new year ahead.

We close the year with a repeat of some external articles and CTO Academy blog posts that generated the most clicks during the last 12 months:

Also reminder that in February we will be launching “The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders“, an exciting extension to our existing course material.

If you’d like to find out more, book in a discovery call here and I’ll be happy to explain.

Expert Q&A talks will continue in the New Year on the 3rd Weds of each month.

Our next “3rd Wednesday” talk is on 19th Jan (GMT 1600) looking at How To Manage Hypergrowth.

Thanks for all your support in 2021.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Stay Safe!
Andrew Weaver
CTO Academy
[email protected]

In case you missed them – Some of the articles generating the most clicks
 6 Ways To Recruit Superstar Talent

How To Make The CEO-CTO Relationship Work

How To Hire A Full Development Team in < 3 Days

CTO’s Guide To A Modern Tech Stack

I Was A Control Freak : Here Is How I Let It All Go

How To Lead A Team By Principle, Rather Than Process

And the most read blogs from our team at CTO Academy
What Is The Optimum Size For A Tech Team?

Guide To Communicating With Non-Technical Customers

Operational Planning vs. Strategic Planning – Who Does What?

Build Yourself A Personal Firewall

Positive Psychology vs. Toxic Positivity

Forget Tech Change, It’s Culture Change You Need
95 BOOKS …. 
Holiday Reads Aplenty …Gergely Orosz might be someone who has crossed your radar before now.

He writes The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter and is prolific across Social Media.

He’s also created a list of 95 Book Recommendations that must include something of interest …

It’s also created a ready made list for the next 2 years of our “Book of the Week” recommendations.

Happy Reading – and that’s just for the list …

“The Digital MBA for Tech leaders”

Launching 2022
Sign up early for 50% Discount

Early 2022 we will launch The Digital MBA for Technology LeadersA 9 module, 9-12 month business course built around 2+ years of our work and research into the learning topics and structure that ambitious tech leaders most need to achieve their optimal career impact.

The course will deliver 230+ high impact, micro lectures at a pace that sits alongside busy working schedules.

Lecturers are joining us from around the world and across a range of disciplines – CTO, CIO, C-Suite Executives, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Data Scientists, Psychologists and more.

In addition to video lectures, there will be real time support via cohort networks, online forums, live debates, slack channels and personal course managers.We went live this week with an initial landing page and tech leaders are already signing up for the February cohort. 

Sign up before launch and get a 50% discount …
and if you’ve already paid for the Foundation Course, we’ll give you a 100% rebate against the cost of joining The Digital MBA.

In the words of colleague and leadership coach Jim Mortensen …
“I don’t know why any serious tech leader wouldn’t be interested in this.
Fantastic bang for the buck”

Enroll Now or book a discove call where I’ll be delighted to explain more and explore whether it’s the right fit for you.
January 19th 2022

“From 30 to 300 – The Fun and Reality of Rapid Growth”

 Weds 19th January 2022, 1600 (GMT)

From 30 to 300 – The Fun and Reality of Rapid Growth
with Dave Williams, MD at Slalom UK

How do you manage supercharged growth and retain core values?

Slalom UK started business in 2014 and after creating a foundation of 30 team members by 2018, has grown to 300 strong today.

CTO Academy will be chatting with Dave as he provides reflections and war stories about their supercharged growth in the modern technology and consulting sector and why “Smile” is a core value at the company.This will be followed by a Q&A session where Dave will be happy to answer and debate queries you have about how to manage your way through Hypergrowth.Presenter: Dave Williams
After 20 years with Accenture, Dave has been MD at Slalom UK for 4+ years. Slalom is a global consultancy focused on strategy, technology and business transformation.

Free to Attend – Register Here

Nowports Do It Again …Another month, Another funding round … or so it seems at Nowports.

Huge congratulations to Santiago Garcia da Rosa down in Montevideo and his Nowports team based across LATAM as they recently announced the closure of a $60m series B round backed by Softbank.

In the words of Santiago … “It’s been a crazy and exciting experience and we are super proud of this new round”

More information available

Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings …

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