Andrew Weaver
February 15, 2021

Newsletter #35 : Welcome to the future of CTO Academy

Hey Everyone

Hope you’re having a great week.

This weeks ‘5 Minute Tech Break’ is a little self indulgent from our side because, we’ve just launched a new version of the platform and want to talk a little (a lot) about it.

Here’s a little about how we’ve changed …

The CTO Academy Team

CTO Academy : A little history

Despite coming from different perspectives (one of us is techie, the other is not) we’d had similar experiences. 

We’d worked with talented developers who didn’t always get the career they deserved through a lack of management skills training and support.

So we decided to do something about it by creating a platform that through a mixture of online course and offline support, could help ambitious techies plug any management or softer skills gap.

Late we launch a pilot with the normal start up trepidation and would anyone be remotely interested?

Well, we were sufficiently encouraged by the response (which is pretty much you guys, so thanks for the feedback and encouragement) to start building out an MVP.

We added more material, raised some funds, launched a mentoring arm and now, with this re-launch, a significant shift of gears towards the longer term ambition of delivering personalised learning, accessible mentoring and a support network of like minded people via our growing global community. 

The new website is live and here – Thank you for your support and welcome to the next phase of CTO Academy

Free Membership to CTO Academy
OK, so what’s new?

Firstly we have moved to a subscription model.

We now have 3 subscription options – Free, Full, Enterprise. – and as existing subscribers to the newsletter, we have automatically transitioned you to our free membership package.

We are expanding our mentoring network, having seen a significant increase in demand for mentors during 2019. 

This is just the start of our next phase as we plan to release a series of new features during the next few months that will continue to enhance the CTO Academy experience. 

The Only Thing We Ask … Your Feedback

We’re a small team, still working on a very limited resource and therefore, we’d love your feedback (good or brutal) about the new version of CTO Academy and, what you’d like to see added in the future.All comments gratefully received as we fine tune the platform to be as effective as possible for our users.

Many of the recent changes were implemented on the basis of user feedback so we are always keen to hear what you think.Contact details here.

Thanks in advance.

Quote Of The Week

It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” 
― Roy T. Bennett

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