Newsletter #49 : 2019 and all that …

Andrew Weaver
February 15, 2021
Hi Everyone

We have reached the end of 2019 for this newsletter and this newsletter editor.  

In approximately 1 hour I will be hanging up my CTO Academy apron (we’re all issued with aprons in case any emergency baking is required at HQ) for the rest of the year.

We’ve also reached edition 49 … almost one year’s worth of newsletter magic for your delectation.

To wrap up we’ve decided to go all self indulgent on you and celebrate the content we’ve created during the last 12 months.

Happy Christmas.

Andrew Weaver
CTO Academy

Most Read CTO Academy Articles

With 50+ articles created through the year, we wrote content that addressed a wide range of management and personal issues.We’ve listed below the 5 most read articles from our blog; 

– Day in the life of a CTO
– When tech people speak to non technical customers
– Managing the transition from team player to tech leader
– The MBA and CTO are no longer strange bedfellows
– Think twice before reinventing the wheel


2019 Webinars

We launched a series of webinars relating to topics that were regularly cropping up in mentoring sessions and general feedback.

These were the topics covered;
– How to create and manage a tech budget
– Where tech mentors make a difference
– How to work with non-technologists
– How to find and manage remote workers


Most Popular Newsletters

We’re super pleased that our newsletter open rate has been consistently >30% which, according our friends at Mailchimp, is double the average open rate for companies in this space.

Which suggests we’re creating some engaging content?

Looking back at the editions that chimed with you and it’s quite an interesting mix.  
In descending order the most popular 5 Minute Tech Breaks …
– The Climate Change Edition
– Blackmail, Skepticism, & Cyber Threat
– Shaping Your Career, Ditch The Toxic Job
– Look After Yourself, Comedy Respite
– Change Is The Only Constant

So that’s it …

It’s nice to reflect on what you’ve achieved and give yourself a pat on the back … no-one else will.
Thanks for running with us through 2019.
Good luck with all your plans and see you on the other side.

Book of the week : For those new year resolutions

“The Year of Yes”

What would change in your life if, for a year, you said yes to everything?
The author talks about how the decision to be open to more opportunities changed her life for the better.Make next year, the year of yes

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