Newsletter #59: 5 Minute Coronavirus Break

February 15, 2021

It’s Friday, that’s for certain.
But it’s about the only certainty we face at the moment.

This weeks “5 Minute Coronavirus Break” looks at how we can help and some of the lighter elements in the crazy world we find ourselves grappling with.

Don’t forget. Things will get better.
Key now is to protect family, friends, colleagues and the wider community.
Focus on how and where you can secure your business.
Prepare yourself and your team for the demand (and party) to come.

CTO Academy are here to help where we can.
More importantly we send out our best wishes to you and yours.

Stay safe.

Andrew, Jason and The CTO Academy Team

How Can We Help?

Crisis Management Mentoring Session

Most of us are currently in a phase of crisis management and business contingency planning. If you’d like to run your thoughts past one of our CTO mentors or just get a sense check that you’re on the right path and not completely isolated in your decision making, we’re offering FREE ‘crisis’ mentoring sessions. 

You can book a session HERE

Tech Leaders Survey :
Love To Hear Your Thoughts

We’re also keen to understand your primary concerns and to share any key patterns and insight across the wider CTO Academy community.

We’ve set up a quickfire tech leaders survey that we’d love you to complete – will take 5 mins and all information is confidential.

We’ve already received a good number of responses from tech leaders around the world and once we’ve gathered enough data we will share our findings.

You can take the survey HERE

The Tech Headaches of WFH

You’ve probably had enough of articles advising you about how to best WFH [most of our community are familiar with the concept] but this GIF caught our eye and we thought the article was worth adding just for that reason.Read Here

Experts Recommend Sticking To Your Daily Routine

Here in Madrid I have been in Lockdown all week. My morning schedule has fallen into familiar routine …

1. Wake early due to the sound of no traffic
2. Choose which new T-shirt to wear with these shorts
3. Make sure I turn on slack before colleagues
4. Look at Twitter
5. Retire back to bed with coffee and coco pops
6. Living room exercises, stretches and waving to those doing same in flat opposite
7. Look at Twitter
8. Check our analytics, emails, social media
9. Look at Twitter again
10. Avoid shaving so rest of team in non-lockdown witness obvious hardships I’m enduring
11. Team stand up where no-one comments on my lockdown hardships
12. Go to supermarket and thank staff for being amazing in keeping the shelves stocked
13. Curse those who woke up earlier and stole all the toilet roll.
14. Vow not to look at Twitter again
15. Look at Twitter again
16. Set six year old gentle home schooling schedule and list of tasks
17. Set myself tough schedule and list of tasks.
18. Properly start my day … 

Andrew Weaver

Now Is Definitely The Time To Read!

One of our constant mantras in normal times, is for leaders and managers to carve out the time and space needed to read and learn.

With enforced isolation for many of us, there really is no excuse now!

If it helps, here are some of the leadership and business books I’ve most enjoyed and achieved genuine insight from …

1. Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience
2. Lean Start Up
3. Crossing The Chasm
4. The Snowball: Warren Buffet and Business of Life
5. First, Break All The Rules

Here is a list of many more …

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