February 15, 2021

Newsletter #86 : Power of Coaching


Why Coaching Matters To Me Our main article this week was written by co-founder Jason who provides a very personal insight into his own career and why his own experiences shaped CTO Academy and in particular, the coaching we provide. “Technology leadership comes with responsibility and isolation. It’s why I strongly believe in the need and importance of executive coaching for tech leaders” Find out more in this weeks article here    


Articles catching our eye this week The Multicloud Challenge … Building The Future Everywhere … At a time when procuring on-prem infrastructure and personnel seems more daunting than ever, organisations are increasingly turning to multiple clouds to provide just the array of functionality they need. Analytics Engineering at Spotify … Since 2016 Peter Gilks (Senior Director of Insights, Spotify Advertising) has led the Insights team for Spotify’s advertising business. Their role is to provide guidance that enables the product and business teams they work with to meet objectives through evidence-based decision-making and customer focus. They’re a multi-disciplinary team that covers both qualitative user research and data science, as per the Spotify model, with work including exploratory analysis, experimentation, metric setting, building dashboards, user testing, ethnography, and surveys. 5 Leadership Strategies To Improve Team Performance … In the technology world, teams tend to grow and change members, so it is important to have information about the key elements of our product, what makes it stand out, the business goals but most importantly who our customer is, their needs, and how our value proposition satisfy them. How To Ask The Right Questions As A Data Scientist … Before we talk about how to define a problem statement by asking the right questions as a data scientist, let’s try to understand why asking the right questions is so important.    


Learning To Lead … or give it the full title … “Learning To Lead: The Journey to Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading an Organization” is a book being described as a “masterclass on leadership that helps you develop the professional leadership qualities that deliver personal, interpersonal, and organizational success” The author combines his own experiences with interviewing other CEO’s to explore some of the key leadership challenges. ”Ron Williams’s book details his remarkable rise from Chicago’s South Side to become CEO of one of America’s greatest companies. He shows what it takes to lead in today’s complex society with courage, tenacity, and wisdom of experience. Williams provides pragmatic advice on leading authentically to rise to the top. A must-read for all leaders.” – Bill George, former CEO and Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School

  FEBRUARY EVENT 2     Feb 10th: Next Generation Enterprise #4

Rameshwar will be joined on Wednesday 10th February 2021 by Chakradhar Kommera.   Chakradhar is Founder and CEO of Ensurity. Before founding Ensurity, Chakradhar held senior management roles at several prestigious global institutions such as Credit Agricole, Barings, ABN Amro and Thames River Capital. He also is a CFA from AIMR and has 22 years of experience in technology and finance.. To register, click HERE to sign-up! Catch up with previous editions of Next Generation Enterprise here.

MEET THE TEAM #2     Jason Noble, Co-Founder

This week, we made our co-founder Jason come forward to tell us a little bit more about what’s behind that tech facade.   I wouldn’t describe him as a dinghy instructor but he is right about enduring Fulham Football Club… you might want to come over to the Red Devils. 

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