Newsletter 41 : Dealing with non-technologist CEO, What is a quantum computer?



The 5 Minute Tech Break :
Those Pesky Non-Technologists





Hey Everyone

Another week done, Another dollar made (if we’re lucky!)

And another ‘5 Minute Tech Break’ which this week has a focus on our friends, those non-technologists, of which I’m one.

Be kind to us. We matter too.

Enjoy the read and have a wonderful weekend.
Make sure you focus on family, friends, love and the things that matter.

Andrew Weaver
CTO Academy
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Working with a Non-Technologist CEO

Jason and I are worlds apart when it comes to technology.

It’s embedded in his DNA.

I struggle to get through the instruction manual.

If you corner my colleague in a pub, after a particularly stressful day at the CTO Academy coalface, he will probably give you chapter and verse about the frustrations of working with a non-technologist co-founder and yet, our yin and yang works.

That’s not always the case, as we know from many of the mentoring conversations we have. It can be a source of considerable working frustration and potential career blockage.

It’s such a recurring theme that we’re dedicating our next Tuesday webinar to the subject.

But on the basis, it’s always useful to know what goes on in the other persons mind, here is an article that looks into 8 steps to become a successful non-technical founder.

I, for one, found it an interesting read.



Product Development News : CTO Academy

1. We are now SCA Compatible which means for some users there will be extra authentication on adding CCard

2. Where we used to have Live Chat, we’ve added a few new access features including latest webinar, events and if you haven’t yet booked it in, your initial mentoring discovery session.


Don’t Know What A Quantum Computer Is?

[This article is via CB Insights blog]

This week, researchers at Google said that they had achieved the milestone of using a quantum computer to outpace the world’s fastest traditional computer. For many observers it was surprising how fast we got here.

Quantum might be a tech trend on a slow boil, but it’s worth watching given its potential to fundamentally disrupt how we do computing.

CB Insights have provided an explainer if entanglement and quits are new to you.

Will it happen? When? In these early stages, predictions are meaningless, but what’s certain is that corporations from Microsoft to IBM to Alibaba are hard at work on this technology, and investing dollars now.



Last Tuesday Webinar:


9 Topics You Need To Master To Become An Effective CTO (or other Tech Leader)

We had some gremlins interfere with our debut live webinar this week, the first tropical storm in living memory to affect residents of Wimbledon, South West London.  Enough to bring down the internet connection of my colleague and co-founder so apologies to those of you who joined us.

We subsequently recorded the webinar, which is now available for your delectation here


Next Tuesday Webinar:


How To Deal With A Non-Technologist CEO

A topic that comes up quite regularly with some of our mentees.
“How to deal with/negotiate/tolerate [*delete as required] a non-technologist CEO”

We’d like to hear from you about your own experiences so please join us for this live webinar and/or send in any questions, thoughts you have on the topic. 

Webinar : “How to deal with a non-technologist CEO”

Date : Tuesday 1st October 2019

Time : 11am (BST)

Hosts : Jason Noble, Andrew Weaver

Register your attendance here


Book of the week : Scaling Up

Been a while since a book called ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habits’ was first released but ‘Scaling Up : How A Few Companies Make It … And Why The Rest Don’t’ is the first major revision of what’s viewed as a business classic, detailing practical tools and techniques for building an industry-dominating business.

It covers the four major decision areas every company must get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. 

Even if you’re not that interested, it’s a good stocking filler present for your non-technologist CEO!



Quote of the week


“Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim” – George Santayana