Newsletter 44 : What Was Your First?




The 5 Minute Tech Break:
What Was Your First?





Hey Everyone

Welcome again to the “5 Minute Tech Break” from CTO Academy.

High fives in the office this week as we secured our first B2B client (yes, thank you). Which means we will soon be sprinkling some of our CTO Academy magic into the corporate market and high performing teams.

It’s an area we’re super excited about so, if you think our management skills training could be a fit for your team, get in touch. 

In the meantime this 1st for us got me thinking about some of my other tech 1st’s  ….

Have a great weekend.

Jason Noble
CTO Academy
[email protected]



First Computer …

It was …. big drum roll ….The ZX Spectrum.

I spent 6 months hounding my parents for a computer though at that stage I was going for the ZX81.

By the time I had convinced them about this unfulfilled need the ZX Spectrum had appeared as the thing to have, as it was in colour. 

I got the 16k version as the 48k was not available at launch. It was incompatible with our Hitachi TV so that got replaced with a Sony TV, that subsequently lasted 25 yrs.

I read the manuals from cover to cover and still remember the giddy excitement of getting my hands on this new bit of technology.  In fact, I still get the same excitement now … about new technology, not the ZX spectrum. 


First Language …

on the ZX Spectrum.

Read the manual, programmed, saved to tape, loaded from tape.

10 PRINT “Hello World”

20 GOTO 10

Who needs more?



First Qualification …

Novell Netware 2.2 Engineer at 16.  

Yes, a lifetime ago.

Truth is … it was cheaper for my dad to put me on a course to look after his small network than to carry on paying the “muppet” who was looking after it.

Took the day off school – I think the official excuse of “Granny was sick” – and sat in a dingy room with 20 other hopefuls.

I was so paranoid I would be way under qualified, I read most of the 15 odd manuals beforehand …always being well prepared is a  trait I’ve carried with me!



First Job …

First Job …

Aged 17. Network engineer at 17 managing PC networks and televideo machines. It was also my first proper interaction with users and their peculiarities. Have been living with users ever since.

It’s been a love:hate relationship ever since! 

Favourite memory of that job is a sale over the phone, of a 20mb hard disk that had previously been used to prop open the door of the office.



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How To Create and Manage a Tech Budget
Tuesday 29th October 2019, 11am (UK Time)

We will walk you through some of the key issues to consider when creating and managing a tech budget. From the need to collaborate to watching out for variables and what % gets allocated at different stages of a business life cycle.

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Quote of the week


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – Dr. Seuss