Webinar: Introducing The Digital MBA
For Technology Leaders

Hosted by Andrew Weaver, CEO at CTO Academy, this webinar will provide you with a comprehensive review of the course and specifically ...

  1. What were the factors that led to us creating the course
  2. Why and where it differs from traditional CTO programs
  3. How our global community of tech leaders add value to the learning experience
  4. A demonstration of how we deliver the lecture material
  5. Other benefits you receive when signing up to the course

Andrew is then joined by course manager Nati Welner as they walk through some of the typical questions asked by those interested in taking the course. 

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More About Your Host

Alongside being one of the co-founders of CTO Academy, Andrew brings 20+ years of executive level experience across multiple sectors. He has been involved in a range of businesses and startups, has an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, is a leadership coach and delivers a range of leadership lectures within this and other courses. 

You can reach out direct to Andrew with any follow up questions: [email protected]

Andrew Weaver
CEO, Lecturer and Leadership Coach