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Whilst the sun is gently shining here in London, we know it’s been super hot elsewhere in the world so we wish you and your family good health and a cool breeze. 

This weeks newsletter takes a look back at our most popular blog posts from the last 6 months.  Whether you missed them before or seeing them for the first time as one of our recent subscribers, hope you find them an interesting read.

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(Almost) Everything You Wanted To Know About Being CTO

Jason wrote this article at the start of our journey with CTO Academy, with his headline take on things you need to know.

Proven to be one of our most successful posts because, it seems, what goes on at c-suite level is often a mystery … sometimes to those in the c-suite!!

Catch up with the article here

What is the optimum size for a tech team?

Oh boy, has this been the subject of many a water cooler, late night bar debate between our in-house tech experts.

Something called ‘price’s law’ pertains to the relationship between the literature on a subject and the number of authors in the subject area, stating that half of the publications come from the square root of all contributors.

If 100 papers are written by 25 authors, five authors will have contributed 50 papers. Transfer this interpretation into the most effective development team size and the argument goes, that you will get diminishing returns with any team size greater than 10!

Article here and open the floor for debate … 

Everyone is a bit broken … learn how to manage with compassion

Managing people is rarely easy.  

Managing people going through issues outside of work, is even tougher.

This article back in the autumn, looked at how to manage with compassion.  What to spot, particularly with established team members who start behaving differently.


When technical people … speak with non-technical people

The most popular article in recent weeks looked at how technical people need to communicate with non-technical people.

As a non-technical luddite myself I know how quickly my eyes and brain can glaze over, when the spec becomes too tech oriented.  

This article looked at how and where you need to sharpen your communication skills, when dealing with your non-technical stakeholders.

Celebrate LGBT Month

Despite Jason and I being two middle aged, middle class white boys … we are keen to promote the diversity that brings richness to organisations and increased bottom line to many of them. 

June has been pride month and so, here is a list of the 30 most influential LGBT people in tech.

Quote of the Day

“what a time to be alive” – The Simpsons