First Step to Being a CTO

The primary aim of this test is to act as a prompt for you to explore yourself any potential skills gaps.

The results suggest there are some gaps in your management skill set and you should consider additional support or training to achieve the skills required to be an effective tech leader.

CTO Academy provide management skills training and career development guidance via courses, mentoring and the support of our wider community.

Finance: Good

Excellent score and if not already in a senior role, you’re clearly building a skill set that will help get you there. We can help fill the gaps.

Operations: OK

We call this an OK score, not terrible but not amazing. Looks like you have some knowledge gaps to plug so get in touch and sign up for our full subscription.

Commercial: Good

Good score and we can help plug any gaps with our courses or mentoring.

HR for IT: Good

It’s unusual for techies to have lots of HR knowledge so this is a pretty good score but suggests our HR course can help plug some of the gaps.

Leadership: OK

An average score indicates some core knowledge but significant gaps which our courses and mentoring can help to plug.

Mindset & Wellness: OK

Mindset is not a standard subject for techies so this is a pretty decent score, but shows there is work to do in shaping the right mindset for success.

Personal Development: OK

Some work required here because it’s really important for you to be an effective leader, to have strong foundations in these areas.

Start Ups: OK

OKish score. Showing some knowledge, but quite a few gaps. Time to sign up to for our courses, including our focus on start up and fast growth companies.

Technology Management: Good

Good score, showing general knowledge but still areas of improvement required.

Finance and Funding

9 out of 11


5 out of 11


7 out of 11

HR for IT Managers

8 out of 11


6 out of 11

Mindset & Wellness

4 out of 11

Personal Development

6 out of 11

Start Ups / Fast Growth

5 out of 11

Technology Management

7 out of 11