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It’s Friday morning … ahead of you the sunny uplands of our forthcoming weekend oh, and this, the latest edition of 5 minute tech break from CTO Academy.

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Jason & Andrew

Transylvanian Tech, It’s hot, hot, hot ...

We’re huge fans of the global freelance market and have worked with talented people across the world. From research teams in Mumbai to marketing support in Missouri and recently, designers and editors based in Cluj.  

Confession time … hadn’t appreciated quite how vibrant the Romanian tech scene has become, their diversity celebrated this week by UK Tech News …..

“Learning the value of diversity from Romania’s tech sector”


What is the optimum team size?

Jason wrote a great article this week about something called ‘Price’s Law’.

Price’s Law is an interesting observation about how 50% of contributions to published works, is done is by the square root of the authors. Essentially, if 100 papers are written by 25 authors, five authors will have contributed 50 papers.

An extension of this observation, and subject of many a discussion down the pub amongst our team, is what team size number is the most effective?  What is the ceiling on numbers, after which the productivity starts to decrease? Consensus here is a team of 8-10. What do you think?

Validated Learning

As experienced entrepreneurs, we mainly know how little we know [I think Socrates was ahead of me, saying something along similar lines]

Certainly the case when launching a new product, that you know little about if and how the market will react.

It’s why we’re great proponents of the Lean Start Up Methodology, the validated learning process that enables you to shape your product:market fit based on market feedback.

Which is why we’re learning and iterating all the time. This week based on feedback, we changed hosting for the video content, adding a better CDN and improved video player. Feel free to get back to us with any comments about the product and if/how you’d like to see it improved.

Quote we’ve enjoyed

“Marketing wants perfection, they want a beautiful product that’s shiny. Technology wants to go quickly, learn, iterate and improve and use that for feedback, as opposed to picking the perfect solutions. All that matters is the bit at the bottom, two to three days of work; get it live, react and respond and keep it going”

John Hurley, Ryanair CTO

No Show of the Week

That lonely, empty chair waiting forlornly for the non-attending Zuck to face an international dressing down in London at The Houses of Parliament.

Facebook made it to no.18 in USA today “Most Hated Companies” article back in February 2018. Suspect they might have crept higher by now.

We use them, most people use them and like most addictive drugs, it’s tough to ween yourself off them. But maybe it’s time for some Facebook cold turkey?

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