The 5 Minute Tech Break : Dec 7


It might be Friday morning, it might be December, and we might be taking a 5 minute tech break but, rest assured dear reader ...  there will be not one mention here of the C word ... 

That's for tomorrow ... until then, some thoughts from the team

Have a great weekend

Jason & Andrew

Book we're enjoying 

Bad Blood : Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Start Up

An inside story about the remarkable rise and fraud of 'Theranos', a multi billion-dollar valued biotech start up that went down in flames.  They promised to revolutionise the medical industry with a machine that would make blood testing significantly faster and easier.  Once valued at $9 bn but with a significant hole in their business plan, the technology didn't actually work.

A powerful indictment of start up chutzpah and groupthink.  Great review from Wired.

Launch of AWS Deep Racer

There will soon be a new way to learn machine learning and autonomous driving as Amazon plan to launch AWS DeepRacer at the end Q1 2019.

The method of ML known as Reinforcement Learning, is one of the technologies being used to bring self-driving cars closer to a reality.

AWS DeepRacer will be the model vehicle for going hands-on and learning all about it. Shame it's not ready for Xmas, would have been a perfect stocking filler for the eldest.

CTO Isolation & Where Mentors Help

Most senior management and C-suite roles bring with them levels of responsibility, pressure and stress. What is often over looked is how isolated and lonely these roles can feel, if you're unable to reach out on occasions for support.

Having a strong network, mastermind group, bunch of pals is important but it's rare you can open up fully.

Which is where mentors can step in and play a crucial role as someone to bounce ideas against, an objective sounding board.

Jason wrote this week about the traditional path towards becoming a CTO and when, where and why mentors matter.

If you have a good one, cherish them.  
If you have an underwhelming one, change them.  
If you don't have one, get one.

Once Bitcoin, Twice Shy?

Almost 12 months to the day since Bitcoin fever hit a price high of $20,000, and how the not-so-mighty have fallen.

Seems no let up for the falling digital currency as 'experts' claim it's over and out, with similar certainty to those who claimed it would revolutionise the world.

Bitcoin cannot be considered a currency with the current lack of stability, not helped by the fluctuations in the general equity markets, but whilst we watch with interest, it's blockchain that gets us more excited.

Overtly linked with Bitcoin due to its origins, Blockchain is finding its standalone legs in an ever growing range of applications (though not without suffering its own hype).

We plan to add course material during the new year about this emerging tech so, keep those bitcoins safe in the draw, whilst you explore what's possible with Blockchain.

Quote to consider

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” .... Eden Phillpotts

Remember not to forget ...

OK, so I promised not to mention the C word today but how can I ignore that next week is my 5 year olds nativity play (she's been cast as Mary, I'll have you know) and despite awkward timing, I've dropped everything to attend and will be delivering a horribly subjective review next week.

There are special moments in our busy lives, which can sometimes get overlooked. No matter how busy you get, keep focused on what really matters.  

Family, love, good health, is what helps get you through the tough times at work. 

That's it for now, thank you for getting this far.

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Have a great friday and a super weekend.

Thanks for the support and engagement with CTO Academy since we launched in October.  
Been overwhelmed by the feedback and the product is iterating and (we hope) improving as a result. We have lots planned for the new year so watch this space and with CTO Academy, no spam, ever. Just great stuff.