The 5 Minute Tech Break : Feb 3


It's been a snowy week here in the UK but compared to our friends elsewhere in the world (dealing with everything from a polar vortex to searing heat) it's been a very minor incident.

We wish everyone safe and healthy passage wherever you are.

In the meantime, indulge in our weekly catch up on 'The 5 Minute Tech Break'

Jason and Andrew

Mentoring Survey : Thank You

Thanks so much to everyone who completed our mentoring survey last week.  

Super useful customer intelligence that is helping us shape the forthcoming release of our online mentoring service.

Watch this space and we hope that some/all of you might find helpful in the future.

Survey is still live so if you haven't yet, please Click here

Documentary to watch : An Honest Liar

Not very tech based but An Honest Liaris nonetheless a fascinating documentary about James 'The Amazing' Randi.

Magician, escape artist, enemy of deception he publicly exposes psychics, faith healers, and con-artists with quasi-religious fervor.

But the documentary has a super interesting twist that stands everything you thought about him and his story, on its head. 

Really recommend you settling down for this one.

The Beauty of Working With People Rather Than Companies

Both of us try to carve out quality time each week for reading and learning.  It's so easy with so many demands on your time, to ignore the need to create space for thinking time.

I'm also fascinated by the people element of companies and this week read an interesting article that looked into why the venture world is so founder-centric.

It asks "why is the human aspect of entrepreneurship so crucial for early stage companies, to the point that every single player mentions it and builds structures around it?"

Conversely, why do private equity firms and hedge funds seem more focussed on financial models, portfolio diversification, risk management tools and so forth?


Are You An Accidental CTO?

Since launching last year, we've found ourselves working with a customer type we define as 'The Accidental CTO'.

He/she is generally in a fast growth start up where founder and/or an early hire developer, suddenly finds themselves as CTO where growth is fast out stripping that individuals skill set with an impact on confidence, performance and sometimes, mental health.

We wrote an article this week that looked into some of the new challenges that can emerge and why you shouldn't be bottling up the pressures.

Envestors gives startups their own equity crowdfunding

One of the constant challenges for fast growth start ups is fund raising.  Start ups are always on the verge of running out of cash so it's a constant battle and distraction, mainly for the CEO but often including the CTO, to be out in the market fund raising.

News this week that Envestors has launched a software-as-a-service platform for startups and scale-ups to raise funds and manage investors from seed through to maturity.  They claim this gives companies total control around their fundraising activities.

The platform allows companies to set their fundraising campaign length – whether they want to run a long campaign for a large raise, a series of short micro raises or respond on-the-fly to positive news and open themselves up for funding.

“What’s great about having our own platform is that we can maintain total control, we can communicate directly with investors, share our latest successes and monitor how the investment round is going whenever we want,” said Kate Collinson at VzInternet.

Anything that helps reduce distraction from the core business is welcome and so, we will watch with interest.

Quote of the week ...

“Beware the stories you read or tell; subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world.” - Ben Okri

Slightly delayed release - nothing to do with the weather - just to do with demands on time ... it's tough running these start ups!

For you insatiable types who can't get enough of our '5 minute tech breaks', go visit our archives.

Until next time have a great weekend, and a fun filled week.


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