The 5 Minute Tech Break : Apr 5

Hi Everyone

Another week under our collective belts.

Another year older, not sure about wiser.

Talking of wisdom, this week's newsletter looks at how to avoid re-inventing the tech wheel, what makes an effective team and managing crucial confrontations.


Jason & Andrew

Article from Our Week :

Think Twice, Before Re-Inventing The Tech Wheel

Jason wrote this week about how 'shiny new projects' can tempt us into wanting to build from scratch. Whether a new idea for the startup, an internal application for your company or a new customer offer.

The first thought that can whizz across your mind is “Let’s build this baby from scratch. Then I am in full control”.  

Article looks at the growing range of applications that means you rarely have to re-invent the wheel.

6 Traits of highly effective agile software and product teams

This article takes a look at the research study published by McKinsey and Company which identified the common characteristics of successful agile teams. 

That's the key takeaway from a research study published by McKinsey and Company, in conjunction with, which identified the common characteristics of successful agile teams.

The report finds there are ideal personality traits and work values that separate the winners from the stragglers.

Interesting read, available here

Book of the week : Crucial Confrontations 

Tools for talking about broken promises, violated expectations, and bad behaviour

We've been digging out some classic books during recent newsletters and this one falls into the same category but, in our view, it remains important for managers having to deal with those difficult conversations.

Confrontation is difficult for many but as a manager is often necessary.  We cover these difficult conversations within some of our course material and this book is an ideal companion.

Eminent authors outline a method for approaching confrontations when the stakes are particularly high, the 'crucial confrontations'.

Their methodology focuses on facts, remaining calm, listening to the other person with respect and working to motivate the other person and enable a change in behavior. 

Amongst the plethora and spurious quality of management books, this remains a stand out.

Quote of the Week

“Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” — Maya Angelou

Don't tell me it's over .... another week bites the dust and we hope it's been super productive for you.

Now for the weekend and may it bring you much fun and frivolity.

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