The 5 Minute Tech Break : Mar 30


It's a Saturday tech break for the CTO Academy team this week and that's primarily because we had some great news emerge during Friday .... as we closed a seed funding round that will help us increase and improve the depth and quality of our product.

More news below on the funding story + our normal mix of thoughts and articles from the rest of the world ....

Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged us to this stage ...  

Jason & Andrew (aka 'very happy co-founders')

Main News From Our Week :

CTO Academy Close Seed Round

We wrote last week about some of the strategies and channels for raising money.

It was written with some authority on the basis of multiple previous rounds we've been involved in but also, a seed round we've been working on these last few weeks and which closed this week.

More information available here via this weeks blog.

Lots more exciting news to emerge from CTO Academy about what this means for our service and support.  

Everyone wants a technical co-founder

Escape The City is a London based company that specialises in helping people find work that really matters to them.  Helping people re-invent themselves away from jobs and/or careers they find unfulfilling;

They help individuals facilitate change in 3 ways;

1. Via a dynamic jobs board that's crammed with different types of opportunities, often mission led, around the world;

2. Career Change Accelerator that enables people to find more fulfilling jobs or careers with courses, events, tools, & tips to help make it happen;

3. Start Up Business Accelerator that helps 'escapees' understand what's needed to launch a start up and de-risk the elements that can go wrong.

It's been my great pleasure during the last few weeks to have been part of the team delivering the latest 'Escape Start Up Accelerator'.

33 start up virgins began the 10 week course with little more than an idea and by the end, most had fully functioning, revenue generating and pretty interesting concepts being presented to a public demo day.

It was an exhausting process for many (including me) but wow, what a tremendous experience to be working alongside so many motivated people.  I highly recommend the course if you're in a job or career that sucks and you'd like a deep dive into the realities of what's required to launch a business.

What was also very noticeable was how many of these talented people and great ideas were missing one key ingredient, a technical co-founder.  The same missing ingredient is evident when looking at other job boards like Work In Start Ups.

Jumping into a start up has its own complications and risks (some of them very high risks) and we will be covering many of these issues within a new start up course due for release on CTO Academy in May but, if you want to feel in demand it's a community that will make you feel very loved.  You just need to make sure you pick the co-founder(s) and the opportunity with the best chance of success ... not always an easy task.

Book of the week : Inspired - How to create tech products customers love

Been around for a while but still in our view, an important book to read and absorb, particularly within the consumer tech arena. 

It's also something of a history piece as the author grapples with the question of how consumer tech giants - Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix - managed to create intuitive products that billions use around the world. 

He draws out insights that could be applied to your own products.

Quote of the Week

... following on from the start up accelerator course and our own start up experiences, is the relationship with failure and learning.  this quote fits in nicely ...

"the wound is the place where the light enters you" - Rumi

There we have it ... a big week for CTO Academy, a big week for Brexit, a big week for Mueller ...

Hopefully everything can settle down again soon but in the meantime, you can always go visit our ever increasing and fabulously entertaining archives of previous editions.

Stay happy, heathy and have a super weekend.

Seed funding round closed .... CTO Academy is about to build the next phase of our platform and it's going to be huge with our focus directed towards an integrated delivery of the 5 Cs ...

Courses. Content. Coaching. Career. Community.