CTO Academy Close Seed Funding Round

Andrew Weaver
April 19, 2022

We are delighted to announce that CTO Academy have just closed a seed funding round.

What does this mean?  Well, it’s all guns blazing as we roll out an exciting and expansive range of products, courses and support to our growing global tribe of developers, scrum masters, team leaders, CTOs and CIOs.

This funding round is also a wonderful endorsement of what we’ve achieved so far, within an extremely limited budget (hurrah for the lean start up methodology!), and the vision we have for transforming the support available to ambitious developers and future tech leaders.

It’s one of the reasons we wrote last weeks blog on start up funding, with such assured coalface experience, as we wrote it whilst in the midst of our own funding round!!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to our initial growth phase.  All our wonderful early customers, guest lecturers, behind the scenes team and stakeholders who like us, saw a real gap in the market of providing managerial and softer skills training within the developer community.

We knew from our own experience as CTOs and CEOs that these gaps existed, we weren’t 100% sure of how, why and when we should be helping.

Those questions have been categorically answered during this growth phase and enabled us to form a laser vision about the area of greatest market need and how we can provide cost effective solutions to help our customers and corporate clients maximise their potential.

A more formal announcement will take place next week, alongside our investors, and please watch this space during the next few weeks, months and years as CTO Academy becomes a significant player within the technology eLearning ecosystem.

Jason Noble & Andrew Weaver, Co-Founders at CTO Academy

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“They are very compact courses, with a lot of useful information and end of course tests that makes you pay attention to every word.  I really enjoyed them and plan to continue working with CTO Academy to build my own knowledge in these areas”

– Ratko Petrovic, Software Program Manager, Germany

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