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Friday, June 14

Setting Up and Running Productive Meetings, CTO Bonus Structure, Exciting Event Coming Up...

Meetings can easily become an onerous element of any leader. When they’re scheduled back-to-back, they a) consume more time than you thought they would and b) don’t solve a thing.

So we want to ensure that, if a meeting is needed, you have the exact tools to make it productive, engaging and, finally, get the work done while the meeting is on.

P.S. - we have an exciting and opportunity-opening event coming up that you really don't want to miss so make sure to scroll down a bit, check the details and book your place.

Guide to setting up and running productive meetings - featured image

How to Set Up and Run a Productive Meeting How to Set Up and Run a Productive Meeting

With this article, we want to ensure that, if a meeting is necessary, you have all the tools to make it productive and engaging.

CTO Bonus Structure Overview w/ Influencing Factors

In this article, we explained a typical CTO bonus structure and types in different company sizes and their influencing factors.

Early Stage CTOs…Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

This article looks at why leadership training and support is particularly important for tech leaders in fast growth companies.

The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders

Our next cohort launches on July 1, 2024, less than a month after we onboarded our 28th (June) cohort of tech leaders from all over the world.

If interested in joining, you can review the program details here.

Enrollment includes 12 months of free CTO Academy Membership.

Our MBA now has close to 70 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. Check them out and discover why global technology leaders view CTO Academy and this course as “game” and “career” changers.

Interested but want more information?

Book a Discovery Call with our CEO and explore whether it’s a good fit for you at this stage of your career.

CTO Community Pulse: This Week's Highlights

  • #Ask-The-Community: A lot of members offered advice on whether to build an app that will be used by farmers in East Africa in Flutter or React Native.
  • #Anonymous-Help-Advice: All rushed to help a fellow member who has no experience with .net but must decipher whether the company has the right stack to continue a complex product.
  • #Jobs-Offered: A member is looking for a Chief Software Architect "who enjoys creating order in chaos".

Our Members already attended three peer-to-peer sessions this month that covered a wide range of topics:

  • Tech Strategy
  • CEO-CTO relationship
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communicating to Non-Techies
  • Platform, Product Split
  • Team Topologies

And on Thursday, Jun 27, 2024, at 6:30 PM, at 2 Threadneedle Walk, London, EC2N 1DW, United Kingdom, we host the London Tech Leader Summer Drinks meet-up.

Book your place here and join us for a fun evening of networking and mingling with fellow tech leaders in London over summer drinks, pool and fußball.

To get involved into discussions and events, sign up here.

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