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February 23, 2024

Case Study, Change, FOBO, Community Highlights

Happy Friday!

This week, we bring you a new case study on a Senior Engineer facing serious performance challenges. It’s another opportunity for you to witness actionable advice from our Global CTO Community.

The root cause of such challenges can be traced back to the inevitable “change”. There are three key areas a tech leader needs to sort out to prevent obstacles change commonly inflicts and our CEO is taking you through all three.

Also included are highlights from our Community, a preview of upcoming live sessions and two really interesting readings - one explaining the three words to become a more effective leader and the other dealing with the dreadful FOBO.

From CTO Academy...

Case Study: Senior Engineer Struggling To Meet Expectations

The CTO of a start-up is facing a challenge with a Senior Engineer who, despite a promising start and strong technical skills, is delivering work far slower than expected. This situation has arisen after replacing a previous bad hire and deciding how to “delicately” proceed.

Tech Leadership, In So Many Words … #13 Change

Taking a helicopter view of three key areas of change you will have to negotiate in your journey as a technology leader.

CTO Academy Membership - Carrefour CTO on his day job

Here is what’s ahead during the next few weeks::

Feb 28 - CTO Shadowing with $80bn retail giant Carrefour’s CTO Stijn Stabel, who will follow up on his November session.

Mar 5 - Understanding the M&A Process as Tech Leader. Henry Fairpo will unpack the M&A process from a tech leader's perspective.

Mar 12 - Peer-to-Peer Debates. 100+ tech leaders from around the world debate, discuss and enjoy the safe space to talk about their leadership challenges.

If you want to participate in these events, simply sign up here to become a CTO Academy member.

From The World Around Us...

If You Use These 3 Words, You're a More Effective Leader than Most

Inc.’s Tech columnist, Jason Aten, explains why those leaders who sometimes admit they were wrong are far more effective in gaining trust. It revolves around the simple premise: if leadership is about influence, trust is your most valuable asset.

What the FOBO?

Gustavo Mattos Santos goes deep into our digital dependencies and the quest for balance in an always-connected world, shedding light on the challenges of disconnecting.

CTO Community Pulse: This Week's Highlights

#Ask-The-Community: Diverse Tech Queries

Key discussions include:

  • A call for help from a potential first-time CTO in a troubled health tech following an acquisition.
  • Engineering Metrics

A senior leader is currently exploring the possibility of joining a health tech, seeking advice on how to approach discussions with the COO. Other discussions explore the best ways/tools to measure engineering performance.

#Tech: Integration Platforms and Industry Trends

Great links and resources were shared by the group on SEO strategies through a new GA feature and data egress management. There were also wide group discussions on corporate valuations and finance management.


One of our Engineering Leaders is having difficulty with their flexible working policy; team members are taking too many liberties. They seek advice on the comms sent to the team and how to move forward.

The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders - March 2024 Cohort Update

The Next Cohort Launches - Monday, 4th March 2024.

You can review the details of our Digital MBA for Technology Leaders here.

Enrollment includes 12 months of free CTO Academy Membership and since the UK financial year draws to a close, it’s a good opportunity to remind your company about this prime opportunity to invest in the team's growth.

Feel free to book a Discovery Call to discuss details.


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