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How It All Began

Like many a good startup, CTO Academy began as a result of a direct market experience. 

Co-founder Jason Noble was frustrated during his career with the lack of nuanced leadership training and support available as he grew into senior technology roles.

He wanted to create a leadership and learning ecosystem that spoke to the nuanced challenges faced by technologists transitioning into leadership roles.

Fast forward a few years and CTO Academy have worked with customers in 100 countries, developed a market leading executive leadership course and helped thousands of tech leaders to drive their career to the next level.

Founders meet by River Thames to discuss CTO Academy

May 2018

Launch of MVP

Oct 2018

Closed seed round with Jenson Funding Solutions

Apr 2019

Commercial Launch of Foundation Course

Sep 2019

Acquired 100th paying customer

Apr 2020

Launched Coaching and Mentoring

May 2020

Launched CTO Academy Tribes (Group Coaching)

Apr 2021

Launched The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders

Jan 2022

Acquired 1,000th paying customer

Jul 2022

The Digital MBA becomes certified professional development course

Mar 2023

Launched Membership Program

Sep 2023

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Community of Tech Leaders

A CTO on Every Board..

... is our driving mission.  Every business is either a creator or consumer of technology and we need strong technical experts with compassionate leadership skills to help their teams and companies grow.

Our Founders

Andrew Weaver - CTO Academy

Andrew Weaver


With 20+ years of executive level commercial experience in SME and early stage companies across multiple sectors, Andrew is an expert in what it takes to be a successful leader.

With expertise in strategy, sales, funding/finance, mergers and acquisitions, mindset. There's no topic Andrew hasn't touched – he even hosts our podcast!

Jason Noble - CTO Academy

Jason Noble


Jason is a tech entrepreneur with extensive board level experience. From being a director of software businesses and managing large, complex enterprise projects he understands the challenges CTOs face on a macro and micro level.

From driving innovation, strategic and operational planning, training, technical sales to software agile project management, Jason is an expert in everything that senior tech leaders need to succeed.

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