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Improving Cybersecurity

Improving the Cybersecurity of your Company: The Complete Guide

Cybercriminals are getting better at threatening the cybersecurity of your company There is no doubt that improving the cybersecurity of ... Read more

9 Tips on The Bottleneck of Code Reviews

When fellow CTO Academy member André asked the community for assistance with the bottleneck of code reviews, it sent the ... Read more
cto academy digital mba for technology leaders

The CTO and The MBA … a history of coming together!

[Since writing this article, we have launched “The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders” which aims to help tech leaders bridge ... Read more
self leadership

CTO Leadership, In So Many Words … #2 Self

Leadership comes more naturally when you’re able to find alignment and flow between career and values. Much of this comes ... Read more

CTO Leadership, In So Many Words ………… #1 Curiosity

When involved in tech you’re always learning something new. New language, new version of a language, new frameworks etc. But ... Read more
cto job

4 Reasons You Won’t Get That CTO Job …

I’ve been involved in high level IT recruitment for more years than I want to remember (as I’m often reminded ... Read more


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