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When Our Customers Endorse Everything We Are Striving to Achieve

One of the major challenges for any start-up is how to drive growth with a bootstrapped marketing budget. So you’re reliant on being creative and patient and hope your customers love your product enough to become part of your front-line sales strategy. This is why we’re always thrilled with the Social Proof emerging via sites […]

Beyond Technical Expertise: Mastering the Art of Tech Leadership

Strong tech leadership provide a compelling vision and roadmap, improving team focus and motivation. Combined with a culture of trust and open communication, it creates a high level of psychological safety for the team. In turn, such a team is more open to risk-taking, innovation and honest discussion of challenges. Here, we explain how to master that art.

Tech Leadership in So Many Words…#23 – Influence

Duality of influence requires a leader to be perpetually mindful of the broader impact of their actions, ensuring they embody the values of integrity, responsibility, and forward-thinking they wish to see in the world. By actively mentoring, engaging in thoughtful dialogue, and leading by example, influential tech leaders can harness their reach to herald technological advancements and instill a culture of ethical reflection and accountability.

Tech Leadership in So Many Words #22 – Mentoring

Mentoring in tech is not just about navigating the complexities of coding or system architecture; it's about understanding the ecosystem, predicting technological trends and manoeuvring through the dynamics of tech teams and projects. Effective Mentoring significantly reduces the learning curve for emerging tech talents, thus offering them a roadmap to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in their careers.

CTO Advice: Choosing the Right Corporate Website Solution

Members of our Global CTO Community use their experience to suggest solutions to a problem a fellow tech leader has. He is wondering what is the current opinion on the best choice(s)/practice(s) for handling the corporate website? Is it WordPress or modern low-code platforms like Webflow or Wix the right way to go? If so, should it be cloud-hosted (as intended) or should they take the effort and limitations of self-hosting (which can be done), and use Webflow for building it, and then just export and host it on their own? Or is it some completely different way?

What’s All the Fuss About Tech Debt?

91% of global tech leaders identified tech debt as a 'major concern'. So in this article, we take a deep dive into tech debt with contributions from five senior technology leaders across the CTO Academy community. They will provide their perspective on the problem and potential mitigation strategies towards the solution.

Spotlight on… Marco Zimmerman

🙌 Helping us keep everything on track is our man from Brazil, celebrating 12 months with CTO Academy … Here’s a spotlight on Marco Aurélio Zimmermann

Field CTO Job Description w/ Salary Breakdown & Career Prospects

In this post, we explain the relatively new Field CTO role and how it differs from a more traditional Chief Technology Officer role. We will see how a Field CTO job description determines the type of person suitable for the job. We will take a look at the job prospects and, of course, the average […]

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