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Case Study: Senior Engineer Struggling to Meet Expectations

The CTO of a start-up is facing a challenge with a Senior Engineer who, despite a promising start and strong technical skills, is delivering work far slower than expected. This situation has arisen after replacing a previous bad hire and deciding how to “delicately” proceed. Our Community offers advice.

What’s All the Fuss About Tech Debt?

91% of global tech leaders identified tech debt as a 'major concern'. So in this article, we take a deep dive into tech debt with contributions from five senior technology leaders across the CTO Academy community. They will provide their perspective on the problem and potential mitigation strategies towards the solution.

Case Study: Addressing Leadership Challenges in Cross-Departmental Collaboration

An organisation has embarked on a new journey, setting cross-departmental objectives that necessitate seamless collaboration among the subteam leaders from different departments. A team lead, Anisha and her PM counterpart, Gabriella, are at the forefront of this challenge. But they are in conflict with each other.

Spotlight on… Marco Zimmerman

🙌 Helping us keep everything on track is our man from Brazil, celebrating 12 months with CTO Academy … Here’s a spotlight on Marco Aurélio Zimmermann

Field CTO Job Description w/ Salary Breakdown & Career Prospects

In this post, we explain the relatively new Field CTO role and how it differs from a more traditional Chief Technology Officer role. We will see how a Field CTO job description determines the type of person suitable for the job. We will take a look at the job prospects and, of course, the average […]

Case Study: Navigating the Leadership Labyrinth – A New Head of Engineering’s Journey

Three months ago, Justin embarked on a pivotal journey as the new Head of Engineering at a startup, following the departure of the previous CTO. Commanding a team of eight, encompassing software developers and testers, Justin's experience as a former team leader had primed him for this role. Yet, the path to leadership is often riddled with unexpected twists.

Spotlight on… Sid Mustafa

This week one of our favourite community voices here at CTO Academy … spotlight on Serdar Mustafa 🙌

Managing Developers: Preventing Over-Reliance and Blackmailing

When a business becomes over-reliant on one or two key developers and they become aware of it. It leads to a form of ‘developer blackmail’ that makes managing developers extremely difficult.

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