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Are you a Thermostat or a Thermometer?

An article exploring the difference between thermostats and thermometers and how it applies to leadership and the teams we lead

What does a Startup CTO do anyway?

CTO jobs are pretty nebulous at best, what a CTO does is ill defined and never well understood, we're lots ... Read more

Creativity : It’s What Makes Us Shine

Creativity has helped many people through the pandemic but what's the science behind when that creative moment arrives?
Accidental CTOs Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

Early Stage CTOs … Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

CTO Academy looks at why leadership training and support is particularly important for tech leaders in fast growth companies.

How Our Hiring Strategy Changed, When We Went For Growth

Back in 2012, I started a two-man agency in Manchester with aspirations of becoming the goto company for helping SMEs ... Read more

Meet the Team: Owen Evans

Owen is based in New Zealand and has been a tech leader for more than a decade and for 6 ... Read more


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