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The ebook is spectacular and not the typical marketing fluff you normally get as a lead magnet 

Brian Cline

CTO, Canada

Why this eBook is different:

This is not your standard marketing eBook.

This is a 60 page collection of thoughts from our team of experienced CTOs and entrepreneurs.

With insight, quotes and reading recommendations we dive into the skills and mindset required for you to become an effective tech leader.

Wherever you are in your tech career, you will find something of value inside these pages.

The Chapters


Let's Get Personal

You can’t become an effective leader without knowing yourself. We explore the why, where and how.


No "i" In Team

What does it take to build a great team? We explore how to build a culture that works for everyone.



Get strategic, learn the art of collaboration, understand potential hazards and tripwires


Management & Time

How to manage that shift from the  technical to managerial? What are the key changes and areas of delegation?


An Eye For Tech

What does technology management mean? Find the key issues for you and your company?


Early Stage Companies

For those of you working in, or planning to launch a start up. What gives you best chance of success?


Enhancing Your Skills

What are the skills you need in senior roles and which new ones do you need to acquire?


Good Company

What does a good company look like? How do you operate effectively with other elements of a business?


Attitude Is Everything

Mindset is key to success as a leader. Are you fixed in your view, or adaptable and open to new ideas?

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“This ebook is spectacular and not the typical marketing fluff
you normally get as a lead magnet”

– Brian Cline, CTO, Canada


Leadership Skills & Professional Growth For Technologists