Test Your Management Strengths & Weaknesses

CTO Academy helps technologists around the world to build the leadership and management skills required to become effective tech leaders.

1st step in a professional growth programme is understand your existing skill set, recognising your strengths and highlighting any weaknesses.

CTO Academy Skills Assessment

To help with this process we have created a management skills assessment which across 99 questions and approximately 10 minutes will provide you with an indication of any core weaknesses.

There are no right or wrong answers and all information is treated confidentially so answer truthfully and use this as a first step towards addressing any key areas for improvement.

Click here to see an example report.

Once completed you will receive a scorecard for each section and if interested in following up with one of our team, book a free Introduction to CTO Academy call where we will be happy to discuss the results.

Start the assessment by completing the form below. Good luck.