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Case study GlobalTech
May 3, 2024
Enhancing Collaboration with a Principal Engineer at TechGlobal

An Engineering Manager (EM) at TechGlobal Ltd seeks advice on improving the working relationship with a Principal Engineer (PE) who, despite having extensive experience and a strong principled approach, poses challenges in team interactions and project progress.

March 22, 2024
The Metric Mirage at AgileX Solutions

AgileX Solutions, a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company encounters a significant challenge when its non-technical Chief Executive Officer (CEO) mandates the use of quantitative metrics to gauge the engineering team’s performance.
This requirement starkly contrasts with the perspective of the Head of Engineering (HoE), who advocates for a more nuanced, holistic evaluation approach.

Case Study: CEO-CTO Chasm featured image
March 14, 2024
CEO-CTO Chasm at InnovativeTech

This case study spotlights the need for harmonising business drive and technical stability, managing technical debt, fostering team resilience and responding effectively to crises. It invites readers to contribute ideas for better CEO-CTO alignment and ends as a parable warning of the dangers of strategic misalignment in tech companies.

Case Study-Balancing Team Support and Executive Pressure-blog post featured image
March 8, 2024
Balancing Team Support and Executive Pressure

Mia, an Engineering Manager, has led her team through several successful product launches, earning praise for their creativity and dedication. However, a challenge from senior management casts a shadow over these achievements.
The team’s hard work is starting to take its toll, not due to Mia’s leadership but from the VP of Engineering’s intense pressure for continuous success, which is silently wearing the team down.

Aligning Sense of Urgency in Different Teams - featured image
March 1, 2024
Aligning the Sense of Urgency Among Diverse Tech Teams

In a rapidly growing technology company, the engineering, product and platform teams exhibit significantly different senses of urgency regarding project delivery and innovation. This misalignment leads to delays, frustration, inefficient workflows and, ultimately, loss of a competitive edge. Our Global CTO Community offers actionable advice.

Senior Engineer Struggling to Meet Expectations post featured image
February 22, 2024
Senior Engineer Struggling to Meet Expectations

The CTO of a start-up is facing a challenge with a Senior Engineer who, despite a promising start and strong technical skills, is delivering work far slower than expected. This situation has arisen after replacing a previous bad hire and deciding how to “delicately” proceed. Our Community offers advice.

Addressing Leadership Challenges in Cross-Departmental Collaboration-featured image
January 31, 2024
Addressing Leadership Challenges in Cross-Departmental Collaboration

An organisation has embarked on a new journey, setting cross-departmental objectives that necessitate seamless collaboration among the subteam leaders from different departments. A team lead, Anisha and her PM counterpart, Gabriella, are at the forefront of this challenge. But they are in conflict with each other.

Case Study: Navigating Leadership Labyrinth Featured Image
January 13, 2024
Navigating the Leadership Labyrinth – A New Head of Engineering’s Journey

Three months ago, Justin embarked on a pivotal journey as the new Head of Engineering at a startup, following the departure of the previous CTO. Commanding a team of eight, encompassing software developers and testers, Justin’s experience as a former team leader had primed him for this role. Yet, the path to leadership is often riddled with unexpected twists.

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