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Senior Engineer Struggling to Meet Expectations post featured image

Case Study: Senior Engineer Struggling to Meet Expectations

The CTO of a start-up is facing a challenge with a Senior Engineer who, despite a promising start and strong technical skills, is delivering work far slower than expected. This situation has arisen after replacing a previous bad hire and deciding how to “delicately” proceed. Our Community offers advice.

Addressing Leadership Challenges in Cross-Departmental Collaboration-featured image

Case Study: Addressing Leadership Challenges in Cross-Departmental Collaboration

An organisation has embarked on a new journey, setting cross-departmental objectives that necessitate seamless collaboration among the subteam leaders from different departments. A team lead, Anisha and her PM counterpart, Gabriella, are at the forefront of this challenge. But they are in conflict with each other.

Case Study: Navigating Leadership Labyrinth Featured Image

Case Study: Navigating the Leadership Labyrinth – A New Head of Engineering’s Journey

Three months ago, Justin embarked on a pivotal journey as the new Head of Engineering at a startup, following the departure of the previous CTO. Commanding a team of eight, encompassing software developers and testers, Justin’s experience as a former team leader had primed him for this role. Yet, the path to leadership is often riddled with unexpected twists.

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