What is a CTO salary?

What Is A Typical CTO Salary?

How long is a piece of string? The definition of a chief technology officer role has so many variables that there is no “typical” CTO salary. Even the averages pumped out by various sources have to be taken with a pinch of salt because different packages wrap up different levels of often hidden incentives.

The kinds of remuneration that affect the calculation of average base salary range from a straight salary to a mixture of salary and stock option/vested stake. Then you have the difference between established packages and the start-up/early-stage culture of graft today, jam tomorrow.

What we know for sure is that high-impact chief technology officers are in great demand, so the key is to build your value in the market and negotiate your next role from a position of strength.

Review of Global CTO Salaries

What we have done for you is aggregate the salary data produced from sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and Payscale to help you review “average” salaries in major tech cities around the world, with the caveat that it’s a guide only and includes base salary data.

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Average CTO salary: £71,085

How Can You Achieve Better Than Average?

The key to any negotiation is to be holding all the cards.

The ace that turns a good tech leader into a must-hire chief technology officer is the ability to lead. And that ability comes down to your soft skills.

From communication to critical thinking, delegation to decision-making, your personal value in the market will be shaped by the impact you can have in an organisation, and that will be defined by your leadership capabilities.

CTO Salary Factors

Start Up / Fast Growth

Steep Learning, High Reward

The quickest route to a chief technology officer role is to start a company or be an early hire. The learning curve rises steeply, the average salary less so, but you’re at the heart of the business and building that equity stake.

The Enterprise and SME

Stable Learning, Career Roadmap

If you go down the corporate route, you'll experience a more stable environment in terms of learning and salary. This is about developing a personal brand and career road map to achieve the role you want.

Career Purpose

Intrinsic Motivation

Do you know your core values and intrinsic motivation? It's more enjoyable and interesting to achieve the career you want if it’s aligned to your values, rather than outside incentives or pressures.

Build Your Soft Skills, Turbocharge Your Career

Moving From Technical To Managerial

Any senior role requires a shift of skill set, so whatever your specific motivation, build up the managerial as well as the technical skills.

Build Your Confidence

Progress within a company and/or a career is often about people, about understanding and communicating with colleagues and customers.

From Behind The Keyboard

Senior management and higher salary expectations mean you need to get out more, at least out from behind the keyboard.

Consider A Coach

Coaching can be a powerful one-to-one tool for developing your management skills and confidence. Find someone who has been through that journey and work with them on yours.

International CTO Salaries

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