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Spotlight on…Nati Welner

It’s time to celebrate one of our unsung heroes … a spotlight on our MBA Course Manager, Natalia Welner

IT Manager: Role, Responsibilities, Required Skills and Average Salary

An IT Manager (a.k.a Information Technology Manager) oversees and manages IT operations, systems and infrastructure. Additionally, they serve as a connection between technology strategies and the broader goals of the organisation. As such, they a) ensure the efficient, secure operation of IT resources and b) nurture the overarching objectives of the business. Common types of […]

Spotlight on… Jason Noble

🙌 This week we turn the spotlight on our 2nd co-founder, Jason Noble…

Tech Leadership, In So Many Words – #21 Knowledge

For the modern CTO, knowledge generally comes wrapped in three forms … Technical This is often about building a T-shaped skill set, with a general awareness of different technologies, alongside a deep understanding of at least one. This helps you to sharpen your BS antenna about what does and doesn’t “feel” right.  Domain An understanding […]

Spotlight on… Andrew Weaver

🙌 During the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to members of our team and global community. We thought we better start with our CEO and Co-founder as #1. Spotlight on… Andrew Weaver

Mental Health in the Workplace – A Tech Leaders Perspective

It’s the elephant in the room that, as a leader and human being, you need to be aware of perhaps more than any other in the workplace. Mental health …How to manage it for yourself and;How to spot issues affecting those around you. Because despite it becoming a topic more openly discussed than in the […]

What’s the Value of a CTO?

As many of you will be aware, one of our key missions at CTO Academy is to see a CTO on every board. A part of that mission is to research the real value of a CTO. Now, we can all agree that it is nonsensical not to have deep technical knowledge at the board […]

The AI Debate – How Is It For You?

No matter how hard you might try, you simply can’t avoid it; AI is everywhere and is here to stay. But what’s the view of today’s technology leaders about tomorrow’s reality?How will it impact their role as they face ever-increasing expectations around the how, where and when of implementing an AI strategy? Because it seems […]

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