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Interim CTO responsibilities, onboarding process, power transfer - blog banner image

Interim CTO: Responsibilities, Onboarding and Power Transfer Process

An Interim CTO is a temporary executive responsible for overseeing and guiding the company’s technology strategy and operations during a […]
Practical Solutions to the Challenges of a Remote CTO Role - banner image

Practical Solutions to Common Challenges of a Remote CTO Position

In this article, we are a) examining the most critical challenges of the Remote CTO role and, more importantly, b) […]

Tech Leadership in so Many Words…#18 Team

There’s a reason why the shelves of your local bookstore are heaving under the weight of so many management books. […]
The path to becoming an exceptional IT Director blog banner image

The Path to Becoming an Exceptional IT Director: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Technology Leaders

This extensive guide provides aspiring technology leaders, such as software engineers, with valuable insights into the responsibilities, skills, experience and […]
What is a Deputy CTO and How to Become One - blog banner image

What is a Deputy CTO and How to Become One

Learn what is a Deputy CTO, what the path to becoming one looks like and how to best prepare for […]
Tech Leadership in so many Words...#17 - Perfection

Tech Leadership in so Many Words…#17 Perfection

“Perfect is the enemy of good” – Voltaire I am not and never have been a perfectionist, something of a […]
What makes a good CTO explained

What Makes a Good CTO: Essential Qualities for Technology Leaders

In this blog post, you will learn what makes a good CTO from the perspective of experienced and successful technology […]
Ways for CTOs to Get into a Board of Directors

4 Ways Chief Technology Officers Get into a Board of Directors

While it is less common for Chief technology officers (CTOs) to directly join a board of directors, there are still […]

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