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CEO and CTO : United By A Different Language

A quote widely attributed to George Bernard Shaw was … “England and America are two countries separated by one language” We’ve given it a CTO Academy twist by adapting it to that crucial relationship between CEO and CTO …. ‘Two executives united by a different language“

How did CTO Academy take shape?

They say the best business ideas come from personal experience of something not working well or an unmet need. CTO Academy emerged from the direct experience of founder Jason Noble struggling through his career as a CTO to find the tech leadership support he wanted and needed. Always lots of training for the technical, but […]

Welcome to CTO Academy

One thing we know for sure with a new venture (having been around the block a few times), is you can have the idea, sketch out a model, design a website and prepare for launch … but you never truly know anything about your product until it starts to interact with the market. And so, […]

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