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What is an Accidental CTO?

An Accidental CTO is someone typically working within an early stage, fast growth company and who has arrived in the senior tech role way ahead of schedule. They face a unique set of leadership challenges.

Project Manager & The Route To Leadership

the project manager is communicating with engineers, designers, programmers, stakeholders, executive leaders, and decision makers. The whole gamut of people inside a high- tech company.

What Does a CTO Do and How Does CTO’s Day Look Like?

As companies strive to stay ahead of the curve and embrace innovation, the CTO plays a pivotal role in shaping the technological direction of the organization. But what is that role? What does a CTO do on a day-to-day basis? To explain, we will delve into a typical day in the life of a CTO, […]

Are you an Accidental CTO?

if this were a term included in the Oxford Dictionary of Terms, it might read something like … We coined this phrase in the early days of CTO Academy as we worked with many individuals who fell into one or both of these categories. So this article looks at what we define as an ‘Accidental […]

The Hiring Conundrum : Promote vs. Recruit

The business is going gangbusters. The team is starting to creak under increasing pressure. The CEO is demanding quick hires to plug the gaps. What to do? Recruit internally and know what you’re getting or, hire externally to find the right expertise but potentially disrupt team cohesion? Internal Promotion If you’re growing quickly, you will […]

Managing a Team (and their external pressures)

Managing a team is not only about managing people, but understanding that some reactions in work, are all to do with pressures away from work. This article looks at our experience of some unusual external factors and why it’s important to manage with empathy

Salary vs. Equity vs. Time aka ‘The Start Up Conundrum’

Why do we turn up for work?  Why do we burn that midnight hour trying to breath life into an invisible start up? Altruism, the craic or just those (soon to be restricted) free beers from the We Work fridge? Maybe for you it’s some or none of the above but, what it should be […]

What is the CTO Salary in the USA in 2023?

Do you know why some chief technology officers can drive very attractive salary and equity packages while others can’t? This post looks at the average CTO salary in the USA in 2023 across cities, states and organizations, examining the determining factors that affect the bottom line for tech leaders working in US companies. Just to […]

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